GEMWbot is written by SigmaWP. However, he waived all of his rights, so it's basically in the public domain. The parts that he didn't write contain their own license headers. So I shall post its source code here. I've also modified it a little bit and Sactage has also made some changes.

Note: This is no longer used. The new code can be found on GitHub


NOTE: This information may be outdated. Please contact Ty to ensure the most up to date version is available.

The allowed hosts are kept in "allowed-hosts.yaml" in the syntax of hosts:[cloak1, cloak2, etc]

Making /Data pages

With the passing of runescape:Forum:GEMH graphs, TyBot now updates /Data pages. Below is a script that will create the /Data pages.

You'll need a file named The format of the file needs to be in the format of:

itemsdict = {

It also makes use of PyTyBot.


It uses some depenencies that aren't included here.

  • Python
  • Pip
    • Ubuntu package: python-pip
  • yaml
    • Ubuntu package: python-yaml

Then with Pip,

  • urllib3
  • simplemediawiki
  • kitchen
  • beautifulsoup
  • chatbot