# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
itemsdict = {
    "Cannon base":6,
    "Cannon stand":8,
    "Cannon barrels":10,
    "Cannon furnace":12,
    "Bronze arrowheads":39,
    "Iron arrowheads":40,
    "Steel arrowheads":41,
    "Mithril arrowheads":42,
    "Adamant arrowheads":43,
    "Rune arrowheads":44,
    "Opal bolt tips":45,
    "Pearl bolt tips":46,
    "Barb bolttips":47,
    "Shieldbow (u)":48,
    "Shortbow (u)":50,
    "Arrow shaft":52,
    "Headless arrow":53,
    "Oak shortbow (u)":54,
    "Oak shieldbow (u)":56,
    "Willow shieldbow (u)":58,
    "Willow shortbow (u)":60,
    "Maple shieldbow (u)":62,
    "Maple shortbow (u)":64,
    "Yew shieldbow (u)":66,
    "Yew shortbow (u)":68,
    "Magic shieldbow (u)":70,
    "Magic shortbow (u)":72,
    "Guam potion (unf)":91,
    "Marrentill potion (unf)":93,
    "Tarromin potion (unf)":95,
    "Harralander potion (unf)":97,
    "Ranarr potion (unf)":99,
    "Irit potion (unf)":101,
    "Avantoe potion (unf)":103,
    "Kwuarm potion (unf)":105,
    "Cadantine potion (unf)":107,
    "Dwarf weed potion (unf)":109,
    "Torstol potion (unf)":111,
    "Strength potion (4)":113,
    "Strength potion (3)":115,
    "Strength potion (2)":117,
    "Strength potion (1)":119,
    "Attack potion (3)":121,
    "Attack potion (2)":123,
    "Attack potion (1)":125,
    "Restore potion (3)":127,
    "Restore potion (2)":129,
    "Restore potion (1)":131,
    "Defence potion (3)":133,
    "Defence potion (2)":135,
    "Defence potion (1)":137,
    "Prayer potion (3)":139,
    "Prayer potion (2)":141,
    "Prayer potion (1)":143,
    "Super attack (3)":145,
    "Super attack (2)":147,
    "Super attack (1)":149,
    "Fishing potion (3)":151,
    "Fishing potion (2)":153,
    "Fishing potion (1)":155,
    "Super strength (3)":157,
    "Super strength (2)":159,
    "Super strength (1)":161,
    "Super defence (3)":163,
    "Super defence (2)":165,
    "Super defence (1)":167,
    "Super ranging potion (3)":169,
    "Super ranging potion (2)":171,
    "Super ranging potion (1)":173,
    "Antipoison (3)":175,
    "Antipoison (2)":177,
    "Antipoison (1)":179,
    "Super antipoison (3)":181,
    "Super antipoison (2)":183,
    "Super antipoison (1)":185,
    "Zamorak brew (3)":189,
    "Zamorak brew (2)":191,
    "Zamorak brew (1)":193,
    "Poison chalice":197,
    "Grimy guam":199,
    "Grimy marrentill":201,
    "Grimy tarromin":203,
    "Grimy harralander":205,
    "Grimy ranarr":207,
    "Grimy irit":209,
    "Grimy avantoe":211,
    "Grimy kwuarm":213,
    "Grimy cadantine":215,
    "Grimy dwarf weed":217,
    "Grimy torstol":219,
    "Eye of newt":221,
    "Red spiders' eggs":223,
    "Limpwurt root":225,
    "Vial of water":227,
    "Snape grass":231,
    "Pestle and mortar":233,
    "Unicorn horn dust":235,
    "Unicorn horn":237,
    "White berries":239,
    "Dragon scale dust":241,
    "Blue dragon scale":243,
    "Wine of Zamorak":245,
    "Clean guam":249,
    "Clean marrentill":251,
    "Clean tarromin":253,
    "Clean harralander":255,
    "Clean ranarr":257,
    "Clean irit":259,
    "Clean avantoe":261,
    "Clean kwuarm":263,
    "Clean cadantine":265,
    "Clean dwarf weed":267,
    "Clean torstol":269,
    "Goblin mail":288,
    "Mithril seeds":299,
    "Lobster pot":301,
    "Small fishing net":303,
    "Big fishing net":305,
    "Fishing rod":307,
    "Fly fishing rod":309,
    "Fishing bait":313,
    "Raw shrimps":317,
    "Raw anchovies":321,
    "Raw sardine":327,
    "Raw salmon":331,
    "Raw trout":335,
    "Raw cod":341,
    "Raw herring":345,
    "Raw pike":349,
    "Raw mackerel":353,
    "Raw tuna":359,
    "Raw bass":363,
    "Raw swordfish":371,
    "Raw lobster":377,
    "Raw shark":383,
    "Raw manta ray":389,
    "Manta ray":391,
    "Raw sea turtle":395,
    "Sea turtle":397,
    "Edible seaweed":403,
    "Oyster pearl":411,
    "Oyster pearls":413,
    "Priest gown (top)":426,
    "Priest gown (bottom)":428,
    "Copper ore":436,
    "Tin ore":438,
    "Iron ore":440,
    "Silver ore":442,
    "Gold ore":444,
    "Mithril ore":447,
    "Adamantite ore":449,
    "Runite ore":451,
    "Strange fruit":464,
    "Burnt bones":528,
    "Bat bones":530,
    "Big bones":532,
    "Babydragon bones":534,
    "Dragon bones":536,
    "Druid's robe (bottom)":538,
    "Druid's robe (top)":540,
    "Monk's robe (bottom)":542,
    "Monk's robe (top)":544,
    "Newcomer map":550,
    "Fire rune":554,
    "Water rune":555,
    "Air rune":556,
    "Earth rune":557,
    "Mind rune":558,
    "Body rune":559,
    "Death rune":560,
    "Nature rune":561,
    "Chaos rune":562,
    "Law rune":563,
    "Cosmic rune":564,
    "Blood rune":565,
    "Soul rune":566,
    "Unpowered orb":567,
    "Fire orb":569,
    "Water orb":571,
    "Air orb":573,
    "Earth orb":575,
    "Wizard robe top":577,
    "Wizard hat (blue)":579,
    "Black robe top":581,
    "Unlit torch":596,
    "Bronze fire arrows (unlit)":598,
    "Astronomy book":600,
    "Pink boots":626,
    "Green boots":628,
    "Blue boots":630,
    "Cream boots":632,
    "Turquoise boots":634,
    "Pink robe top":636,
    "Green robe top":638,
    "Blue robe top":640,
    "Cream robe top":642,
    "Turquoise robe top":644,
    "Pink robe bottoms":646,
    "Green robe bottoms":648,
    "Blue robe bottoms":650,
    "Cream robe bottoms":652,
    "Turquoise robe bottoms":654,
    "Pink hat":656,
    "Green hat":658,
    "Blue hat":660,
    "Cream hat":662,
    "Turquoise hat":664,
    "Cadava berries":753,
    "Bronze throwing axe":800,
    "Iron throwing axe":801,
    "Steel throwing axe":802,
    "Mithril throwing axe":803,
    "Adamant throwing axe":804,
    "Rune throwing axe":805,
    "Bronze dart":806,
    "Iron dart":807,
    "Steel dart":808,
    "Mithril dart":809,
    "Adamant dart":810,
    "Rune dart":811,
    "Bronze dart tip":819,
    "Iron dart tip":820,
    "Steel dart tip":821,
    "Mithril dart tip":822,
    "Adamant dart tip":823,
    "Rune dart tip":824,
    "Bronze javelin":825,
    "Iron javelin":826,
    "Steel javelin":827,
    "Mithril javelin":828,
    "Adamant javelin":829,
    "Rune javelin":830,
    "Oak shortbow":843,
    "Oak shieldbow":845,
    "Willow shieldbow":847,
    "Willow shortbow":849,
    "Maple shieldbow":851,
    "Maple shortbow":853,
    "Yew shieldbow":855,
    "Yew shortbow":857,
    "Magic shieldbow":859,
    "Magic shortbow":861,
    "Iron knife":863,
    "Bronze knife":864,
    "Steel knife":865,
    "Mithril knife":866,
    "Adamant knife":867,
    "Rune knife":868,
    "Black knife":869,
    "Bronze bolts":877,
    "Opal bolts":879,
    "Pearl bolts":880,
    "Barbed bolts":881,
    "Bronze arrow":882,
    "Iron arrow":884,
    "Steel arrow":886,
    "Mithril arrow":888,
    "Adamant arrow":890,
    "Rune arrow":892,
    "Bronze fire arrows":942,
    "Bear fur":948,
    "Grey wolf fur":958,
    "Christmas cracker":962,
    "Disk of returning":981,
    "Brass key":983,
    "Tooth half of a key":985,
    "Loop half of a key":987,
    "Crystal key":989,
    "Muddy key":991,
    "Sinister key":993,
    "White apron":1005,
    "Cape (red)":1007,
    "Brass necklace":1009,
    "Wizard robe skirt":1011,
    "Pink skirt":1013,
    "Black robe skirt":1015,
    "Wizard hat (black)":1017,
    "Cape (black)":1019,
    "Cape (blue)":1021,
    "Cape (yellow)":1023,
    "Eye patch":1025,
    "Cape (green)":1027,
    "Cape (purple)":1029,
    "Cape (orange)":1031,
    "Zamorak robe (bottom)":1033,
    "Zamorak robe (top)":1035,
    "Red partyhat":1038,
    "Yellow partyhat":1040,
    "Blue partyhat":1042,
    "Green partyhat":1044,
    "Purple partyhat":1046,
    "White partyhat":1048,
    "Santa hat":1050,
    "Green h'ween mask":1053,
    "Blue h'ween mask":1055,
    "Red h'ween mask":1057,
    "Leather gloves":1059,
    "Leather boots":1061,
    "Leather vambraces":1063,
    "Green d'hide vambraces":1065,
    "Iron platelegs":1067,
    "Steel platelegs":1069,
    "Mithril platelegs":1071,
    "Adamant platelegs":1073,
    "Bronze platelegs":1075,
    "Black platelegs":1077,
    "Rune platelegs":1079,
    "Iron plateskirt":1081,
    "Steel plateskirt":1083,
    "Mithril plateskirt":1085,
    "Bronze plateskirt":1087,
    "Black plateskirt":1089,
    "Adamant plateskirt":1091,
    "Rune plateskirt":1093,
    "Leather chaps":1095,
    "Studded chaps":1097,
    "Green d'hide chaps":1099,
    "Iron chainbody":1101,
    "Bronze chainbody":1103,
    "Steel chainbody":1105,
    "Black chainbody":1107,
    "Mithril chainbody":1109,
    "Adamant chainbody":1111,
    "Rune chainbody":1113,
    "Iron platebody":1115,
    "Bronze platebody":1117,
    "Steel platebody":1119,
    "Mithril platebody":1121,
    "Adamant platebody":1123,
    "Black platebody":1125,
    "Rune platebody":1127,
    "Leather body":1129,
    "Hard leather body":1131,
    "Studded body":1133,
    "Green d'hide body":1135,
    "Iron helm":1137,
    "Bronze helm":1139,
    "Steel helm":1141,
    "Mithril helm":1143,
    "Adamant helm":1145,
    "Rune helm":1147,
    "Dragon helm":1149,
    "Black helm":1151,
    "Iron full helm":1153,
    "Bronze full helm":1155,
    "Steel full helm":1157,
    "Mithril full helm":1159,
    "Adamant full helm":1161,
    "Rune full helm":1163,
    "Black full helm":1165,
    "Leather cowl":1167,
    "Wooden shield":1171,
    "Bronze sq shield":1173,
    "Iron sq shield":1175,
    "Steel sq shield":1177,
    "Black sq shield":1179,
    "Mithril sq shield":1181,
    "Adamant sq shield":1183,
    "Rune sq shield":1185,
    "Dragon sq shield":1187,
    "Bronze kiteshield":1189,
    "Iron kiteshield":1191,
    "Steel kiteshield":1193,
    "Black kiteshield":1195,
    "Mithril kiteshield":1197,
    "Adamant kiteshield":1199,
    "Rune kiteshield":1201,
    "Iron dagger":1203,
    "Bronze dagger":1205,
    "Steel dagger":1207,
    "Mithril dagger":1209,
    "Adamant dagger":1211,
    "Rune dagger":1213,
    "Dragon dagger":1215,
    "Black dagger":1217,
    "Bronze spear":1237,
    "Iron spear":1239,
    "Steel spear":1241,
    "Mithril spear":1243,
    "Adamant spear":1245,
    "Rune spear":1247,
    "Dragon spear":1249,
    "Bronze pickaxe":1265,
    "Iron pickaxe":1267,
    "Steel pickaxe":1269,
    "Adamant pickaxe":1271,
    "Mithril pickaxe":1273,
    "Rune pickaxe":1275,
    "Bronze sword":1277,
    "Iron sword":1279,
    "Steel sword":1281,
    "Black sword":1283,
    "Mithril sword":1285,
    "Adamant sword":1287,
    "Rune sword":1289,
    "Bronze longsword":1291,
    "Iron longsword":1293,
    "Steel longsword":1295,
    "Black longsword":1297,
    "Mithril longsword":1299,
    "Adamant longsword":1301,
    "Rune longsword":1303,
    "Dragon longsword":1305,
    "Bronze 2h sword":1307,
    "Iron 2h sword":1309,
    "Steel 2h sword":1311,
    "Black 2h sword":1313,
    "Mithril 2h sword":1315,
    "Adamant 2h sword":1317,
    "Rune 2h sword":1319,
    "Bronze scimitar":1321,
    "Iron scimitar":1323,
    "Steel scimitar":1325,
    "Black scimitar":1327,
    "Mithril scimitar":1329,
    "Adamant scimitar":1331,
    "Rune scimitar":1333,
    "Iron warhammer":1335,
    "Bronze warhammer":1337,
    "Steel warhammer":1339,
    "Black warhammer":1341,
    "Mithril warhammer":1343,
    "Adamant warhammer":1345,
    "Rune warhammer":1347,
    "Iron hatchet":1349,
    "Bronze hatchet":1351,
    "Steel hatchet":1353,
    "Mithril hatchet":1355,
    "Adamant hatchet":1357,
    "Rune hatchet":1359,
    "Black hatchet":1361,
    "Iron battleaxe":1363,
    "Steel battleaxe":1365,
    "Black battleaxe":1367,
    "Mithril battleaxe":1369,
    "Adamant battleaxe":1371,
    "Rune battleaxe":1373,
    "Bronze battleaxe":1375,
    "Dragon battleaxe":1377,
    "Staff of air":1381,
    "Staff of water":1383,
    "Staff of earth":1385,
    "Staff of fire":1387,
    "Magic staff":1389,
    "Fire battlestaff":1393,
    "Water battlestaff":1395,
    "Air battlestaff":1397,
    "Earth battlestaff":1399,
    "Mystic fire staff":1401,
    "Mystic water staff":1403,
    "Mystic air staff":1405,
    "Mystic earth staff":1407,
    "Iron mace":1420,
    "Bronze mace":1422,
    "Steel mace":1424,
    "Black mace":1426,
    "Mithril mace":1428,
    "Adamant mace":1430,
    "Rune mace":1432,
    "Dragon mace":1434,
    "Rune essence":1436,
    "Air talisman":1438,
    "Earth talisman":1440,
    "Fire talisman":1442,
    "Water talisman":1444,
    "Body talisman":1446,
    "Mind talisman":1448,
    "Blood talisman":1450,
    "Chaos talisman":1452,
    "Cosmic talisman":1454,
    "Death talisman":1456,
    "Law talisman":1458,
    "Nature talisman":1462,
    "Archery ticket":1464,
    "Red bead":1470,
    "Yellow bead":1472,
    "Black bead":1474,
    "White bead":1476,
    "Amulet of accuracy":1478,
    "Magic logs":1513,
    "Yew logs":1515,
    "Maple logs":1517,
    "Willow logs":1519,
    "Oak logs":1521,
    "Steel nails":1539,
    "Anti-dragon shield":1540,
    "Ring mould":1592,
    "Amulet mould":1595,
    "Necklace mould":1597,
    "Holy mould":1599,
    "Red topaz":1613,
    "Uncut diamond":1617,
    "Uncut ruby":1619,
    "Uncut emerald":1621,
    "Uncut sapphire":1623,
    "Uncut opal":1625,
    "Uncut jade":1627,
    "Uncut red topaz":1629,
    "Uncut dragonstone":1631,
    "Gold ring":1635,
    "Sapphire ring":1637,
    "Emerald ring":1639,
    "Ruby ring":1641,
    "Diamond ring":1643,
    "Dragonstone ring":1645,
    "Gold necklace":1654,
    "Sapphire necklace":1656,
    "Emerald necklace":1658,
    "Ruby necklace":1660,
    "Diamond necklace":1662,
    "Dragon necklace":1664,
    "Gold amulet (unstrung)":1673,
    "Sapphire amulet (unstrung)":1675,
    "Emerald amulet (unstrung)":1677,
    "Ruby amulet (unstrung)":1679,
    "Diamond amulet (unstrung)":1681,
    "Dragonstone amulet (unstrung)":1683,
    "Gold amulet":1692,
    "Sapphire amulet":1694,
    "Emerald amulet":1696,
    "Ruby amulet":1698,
    "Diamond amulet":1700,
    "Dragonstone amulet":1702,
    "Amulet of glory":1704,
    "Amulet of glory (4)":1712,
    "Unstrung symbol":1714,
    "Unblessed symbol":1716,
    "Holy symbol":1718,
    "Unstrung emblem":1720,
    "Unpowered symbol":1722,
    "Unholy symbol":1724,
    "Amulet of strength":1725,
    "Amulet of magic":1727,
    "Amulet of defence":1729,
    "Amulet of power":1731,
    "Hard leather":1743,
    "Green dragon leather":1745,
    "Black dragonhide":1747,
    "Red dragonhide":1749,
    "Blue dragonhide":1751,
    "Green dragonhide":1753,
    "Brown apron":1757,
    "Ball of wool":1759,
    "Soft clay":1761,
    "Red dye":1763,
    "Yellow dye":1765,
    "Blue dye":1767,
    "Orange dye":1769,
    "Green dye":1771,
    "Purple dye":1773,
    "Molten glass":1775,
    "Soda ash":1781,
    "Bucket of sand":1783,
    "Glassblowing pipe":1785,
    "Pot (unfired)":1787,
    "Pie dish (unfired)":1789,
    "Bowl (unfired)":1791,
    "Woad leaf":1793,
    "Bronze wire":1794,
    "Waterskin (4)":1823,
    "Waterskin (0)":1831,
    "Desert shirt":1833,
    "Desert robe":1835,
    "Desert boots":1837,
    "Raw ugthanki meat":1859,
    "Ugthanki meat":1861,
    "Pitta dough":1863,
    "Pitta bread":1865,
    "Chopped tomato":1869,
    "Chopped onion":1871,
    "Onion & tomato":1875,
    "Kebab mix":1881,
    "Ugthanki kebab (smelling)":1883,
    "Ugthanki kebab":1885,
    "Cake tin":1887,
    "Uncooked cake":1889,
    "⅔ cake":1893,
    "Slice of cake":1895,
    "Chocolate cake":1897,
    "⅔ chocolate cake":1899,
    "Chocolate slice":1901,
    "Asgarnian ale":1905,
    "Wizard's mind bomb":1907,
    "Greenman's ale":1909,
    "Dragon bitter":1911,
    "Dwarven stout":1913,
    "Beer glass":1919,
    "Bowl of water":1921,
    "Bucket of milk":1927,
    "Bucket of water":1929,
    "Empty pot":1931,
    "Pot of flour":1933,
    "Jug of water":1937,
    "Swamp tar":1939,
    "Raw swamp paste":1940,
    "Swamp paste":1941,
    "Raw potato":1942,
    "Chef's hat":1949,
    "Pastry dough":1953,
    "Cooking apple":1955,
    "Easter egg":1961,
    "Chocolate bar":1973,
    "Chocolate dust":1975,
    "Cup of tea":1978,
    "Empty cup":1980,
    "Half full wine jug":1989,
    "Jug of wine":1993,
    "Incomplete stew (potato)":1997,
    "Uncooked stew":2001,
    "Uncooked curry":2009,
    "Premade blurb' sp.":2028,
    "Premade choc s'dy":2030,
    "Premade dr' dragon":2032,
    "Premade fr' blast":2034,
    "Premade p' punch":2036,
    "Premade sgg":2038,
    "Premade wiz blz'd":2040,
    "Pineapple punch":2048,
    "Wizard blizzard":2054,
    "Blurberry special":2064,
    "Choc saturday":2074,
    "Short green guy":2080,
    "Fruit blast":2084,
    "Drunk dragon":2092,
    "Lemon chunks":2104,
    "Lemon slices":2106,
    "Orange chunks":2110,
    "Orange slices":2112,
    "Pineapple chunks":2116,
    "Pineapple ring":2118,
    "Lime chunks":2122,
    "Lime slices":2124,
    "Equa leaves":2128,
    "Pot of cream":2130,
    "Raw beef":2132,
    "Raw rat meat":2134,
    "Raw bear meat":2136,
    "Raw chicken":2138,
    "Cooked chicken":2140,
    "Cooked meat":2142,
    "Swamp toad":2150,
    "Toad's legs":2152,
    "King worm":2162,
    "Gnome spice":2169,
    "Gianne dough":2171,
    "Chocolate bomb":2185,
    "Tangled toads' legs":2187,
    "Worm hole":2191,
    "Veg ball":2195,
    "Raw crunchies":2202,
    "Worm crunchies":2205,
    "Chocchip crunchies":2209,
    "Spicy crunchies":2213,
    "Toad crunchies":2217,
    "Premade w'm batta":2219,
    "Premade t'd batta":2221,
    "Premade c+t batta":2223,
    "Premade fr't batta":2225,
    "Premade veg batta":2227,
    "Premade choc bomb":2229,
    "Premade ttl":2231,
    "Premade worm hole":2233,
    "Premade veg ball":2235,
    "Premade w'm crun'":2237,
    "Premade ch' crunch":2239,
    "Premade s'y crunch":2241,
    "Premade t'd crunch":2243,
    "Worm batta":2253,
    "Toad batta":2255,
    "Cheese+tom batta":2259,
    "Fruit batta":2277,
    "Vegetable batta":2281,
    "Pizza base":2283,
    "Incomplete pizza":2285,
    "Uncooked pizza":2287,
    "Plain pizza":2289,
    "½ plain pizza":2291,
    "Meat pizza":2293,
    "½ meat pizza":2295,
    "Anchovy pizza":2297,
    "½ anchovy pizza":2299,
    "Pineapple pizza":2301,
    "½ p'apple pizza":2303,
    "Bread dough":2307,
    "Pie dish":2313,
    "Pie shell":2315,
    "Uncooked apple pie":2317,
    "Uncooked meat pie":2319,
    "Uncooked berry pie":2321,
    "Apple pie":2323,
    "Redberry pie":2325,
    "Meat pie":2327,
    "Half a meat pie":2331,
    "Half a redberry pie":2333,
    "Half an apple pie":2335,
    "Raw oomlie":2337,
    "Wrapped oomlie":2341,
    "Cooked oomlie wrap":2343,
    "Bronze bar":2349,
    "Iron bar":2351,
    "Steel bar":2353,
    "Silver bar":2355,
    "Gold bar":2357,
    "Mithril bar":2359,
    "Adamant bar":2361,
    "Rune bar":2363,
    "Shield left half":2366,
    "Shield right half":2368,
    "Steel studs":2370,
    "Ground bat bones":2391,
    "Attack potion (4)":2428,
    "Restore potion (4)":2430,
    "Defence potion (4)":2432,
    "Prayer potion (4)":2434,
    "Super attack (4)":2436,
    "Fishing potion (4)":2438,
    "Super strength (4)":2440,
    "Super defence (4)":2442,
    "Super ranging potion (4)":2444,
    "Antipoison (4)":2446,
    "Super antipoison (4)":2448,
    "Zamorak brew (4)":2450,
    "Antifire (4)":2452,
    "Antifire (3)":2454,
    "Antifire (2)":2456,
    "Antifire (1)":2458,
    "Flowers (pastel)":2460,
    "Red flowers":2462,
    "Blue flowers":2464,
    "Yellow flowers":2466,
    "Purple flowers":2468,
    "Orange flowers":2470,
    "Flowers (mixed)":2472,
    "White flowers":2474,
    "Black flowers":2476,
    "Clean lantadyme":2481,
    "Lantadyme potion (unf)":2483,
    "Grimy lantadyme":2485,
    "Blue d'hide vambraces":2487,
    "Red d'hide vambraces":2489,
    "Black d'hide vambraces":2491,
    "Blue d'hide chaps":2493,
    "Red d'hide chaps":2495,
    "Black d'hide chaps":2497,
    "Blue d'hide body":2499,
    "Red d'hide body":2501,
    "Black d'hide body":2503,
    "Blue dragon leather":2505,
    "Red dragon leather":2507,
    "Black dragon leather":2509,
    "Iron fire arrows (unlit)":2532,
    "Iron fire arrows":2533,
    "Steel fire arrows (unlit)":2534,
    "Steel fire arrows":2535,
    "Mithril fire arrows (unlit)":2536,
    "Mithril fire arrows":2537,
    "Adamant fire arrows (unlit)":2538,
    "Adamant fire arrows":2539,
    "Rune fire arrows (unlit)":2540,
    "Rune fire arrows":2541,
    "Ring of recoil":2550,
    "Ring of duelling (8)":2552,
    "Ring of duelling (1)":2566,
    "Ring of forging":2568,
    "Ring of life":2570,
    "Ring of wealth":2572,
    "Ranger boots":2577,
    "Wizard boots":2579,
    "Robin hood hat":2581,
    "Black platebody (t)":2583,
    "Black platelegs (t)":2585,
    "Black full helm (t)":2587,
    "Black kiteshield (t)":2589,
    "Black platebody (g)":2591,
    "Black platelegs (g)":2593,
    "Black full helm (g)":2595,
    "Black kiteshield (g)":2597,
    "Adamant platebody (t)":2599,
    "Adamant platelegs (t)":2601,
    "Adamant kiteshield (t)":2603,
    "Adamant full helm (t)":2605,
    "Adamant platebody (g)":2607,
    "Adamant platelegs (g)":2609,
    "Adamant kiteshield (g)":2611,
    "Adamant full helm (g)":2613,
    "Rune platebody (g)":2615,
    "Rune platelegs (g)":2617,
    "Rune full helm (g)":2619,
    "Rune kiteshield (g)":2621,
    "Rune platebody (t)":2623,
    "Rune platelegs (t)":2625,
    "Rune full helm (t)":2627,
    "Rune kiteshield (t)":2629,
    "Highwayman mask":2631,
    "Blue beret":2633,
    "Black beret":2635,
    "White beret":2637,
    "Tan cavalier":2639,
    "Dark cavalier":2641,
    "Black cavalier":2643,
    "Red headband":2645,
    "Black headband":2647,
    "Brown headband":2649,
    "Pirate's hat":2651,
    "Zamorak platebody":2653,
    "Zamorak platelegs":2655,
    "Zamorak full helm":2657,
    "Zamorak kiteshield":2659,
    "Saradomin platebody":2661,
    "Saradomin platelegs":2663,
    "Saradomin full helm":2665,
    "Saradomin kiteshield":2667,
    "Guthix platebody":2669,
    "Guthix platelegs":2671,
    "Guthix full helm":2673,
    "Guthix kiteshield":2675,
    "Wolf bones":2859,
    "Wolfbone arrowheads":2861,
    "Achey tree logs":2862,
    "Ogre arrow shaft":2864,
    "Flighted ogre arrow":2865,
    "Ogre arrow":2866,
    "Raw chompy":2876,
    "Cooked chompy":2878,
    "Elemental shield":2890,
    "Boots (grey)":2894,
    "Robe top (grey)":2896,
    "Robe bottoms (grey)":2898,
    "Hat (grey)":2900,
    "Gloves (grey)":2902,
    "Boots (red)":2904,
    "Robe top (red)":2906,
    "Robe bottoms (red)":2908,
    "Hat (red)":2910,
    "Gloves (red)":2912,
    "Boots (yellow)":2914,
    "Robe top (yellow)":2916,
    "Robe bottoms (yellow)":2918,
    "Hat (yellow)":2920,
    "Gloves (yellow)":2922,
    "Boots (teal)":2924,
    "Robe top (teal)":2926,
    "Robe bottoms (teal)":2928,
    "Hat (teal)":2930,
    "Gloves (teal)":2932,
    "Boots (purple)":2934,
    "Robe top (purple)":2936,
    "Robe bottoms (purple)":2938,
    "Hat (purple)":2940,
    "Gloves (purple)":2942,
    "Moonlight mead":2955,
    "Silver sickle":2961,
    "Mort myre fungus":2970,
    "Mort myre stem":2972,
    "Mort myre pear":2974,
    "Sickle mould":2976,
    "Pirate's hook":2997,
    "Clean toadflax":2998,
    "Clean snapdragon":3000,
    "Toadflax potion (unf)":3002,
    "Snapdragon potion (unf)":3004,
    "Energy potion (4)":3008,
    "Energy potion (3)":3010,
    "Energy potion (2)":3012,
    "Energy potion (1)":3014,
    "Super energy (4)":3016,
    "Super energy (3)":3018,
    "Super energy (2)":3020,
    "Super energy (1)":3022,
    "Super restore (4)":3024,
    "Super restore (3)":3026,
    "Super restore (2)":3028,
    "Super restore (1)":3030,
    "Agility potion (4)":3032,
    "Agility potion (3)":3034,
    "Agility potion (2)":3036,
    "Agility potion (1)":3038,
    "Super magic potion (4)":3040,
    "Super magic potion (3)":3042,
    "Super magic potion (2)":3044,
    "Super magic potion (1)":3046,
    "Grimy toadflax":3049,
    "Grimy snapdragon":3051,
    "Lava battlestaff":3053,
    "Mystic lava staff":3054,
    "Black dart":3093,
    "Bronze claw":3095,
    "Iron claw":3096,
    "Steel claw":3097,
    "Black claw":3098,
    "Mithril claw":3099,
    "Adamant claw":3100,
    "Rune claw":3101,
    "Rock climbing boots":3105,
    "Granite shield":3122,
    "Shaikahan bones":3123,
    "Jogre bones":3125,
    "Potato cactus":3138,
    "Dragon chainbody":3140,
    "Raw karambwan":3142,
    "Cooked karambwan":3144,
    "Karambwan vessel":3157,
    "Sliced banana":3162,
    "Monkey bones":3183,
    "Cleaning cloth":3188,
    "Bronze halberd":3190,
    "Iron halberd":3192,
    "Steel halberd":3194,
    "Black halberd":3196,
    "Mithril halberd":3198,
    "Adamant halberd":3200,
    "Rune halberd":3202,
    "Dragon halberd":3204,
    "Raw rabbit":3226,
    "Cooked rabbit":3228,
    "Vampyre dust":3325,
    "Myre snelm (round)":3327,
    "Blood'n'tar snelm (round)":3329,
    "Ochre snelm (round)":3331,
    "Bruise blue snelm (round)":3333,
    "Broken bark snelm":3335,
    "Myre snelm (pointed)":3337,
    "Blood'n'tar snelm (pointed)":3339,
    "Ochre snelm (pointed)":3341,
    "Bruise blue snelm (pointed)":3343,
    "Blamish myre shell (round)":3345,
    "Blamish red shell (round)":3347,
    "Blamish ochre shell (round)":3349,
    "Blamish blue shell (round)":3351,
    "Blamish bark shell":3353,
    "Blamish myre shell (pointed)":3355,
    "Blamish red shell (pointed)":3357,
    "Blamish ochre shell (pointed)":3359,
    "Blamish blue shell (pointed)":3361,
    "Thin snail":3363,
    "Lean snail":3365,
    "Fat snail":3367,
    "Thin snail meat":3369,
    "Lean snail meat":3371,
    "Fat snail meat":3373,
    "Sample bottle":3377,
    "Slimy eel":3379,
    "Cooked slimy eel":3381,
    "Splitbark helm":3385,
    "Splitbark body":3387,
    "Splitbark legs":3389,
    "Splitbark gauntlets":3391,
    "Splitbark boots":3393,
    "Loar remains":3396,
    "Phrin remains":3398,
    "Riyl remains":3400,
    "Asyn remains":3402,
    "Fiyr remains":3404,
    "Limestone brick":3420,
    "Olive oil (4)":3422,
    "Olive oil (3)":3424,
    "Olive oil (2)":3426,
    "Olive oil (1)":3428,
    "Sacred oil (4)":3430,
    "Sacred oil (3)":3432,
    "Sacred oil (2)":3434,
    "Sacred oil (1)":3436,
    "Pyre logs":3438,
    "Oak pyre logs":3440,
    "Willow pyre logs":3442,
    "Maple pyre logs":3444,
    "Yew pyre logs":3446,
    "Magic pyre logs":3448,
    "Fine cloth":3470,
    "Black plateskirt (t)":3472,
    "Black plateskirt (g)":3473,
    "Adamant plateskirt (t)":3474,
    "Adamant plateskirt (g)":3475,
    "Rune plateskirt (g)":3476,
    "Rune plateskirt (t)":3477,
    "Zamorak plateskirt":3478,
    "Saradomin plateskirt":3479,
    "Guthix plateskirt":3480,
    "Gilded platebody":3481,
    "Gilded platelegs":3483,
    "Gilded plateskirt":3485,
    "Gilded full helm":3486,
    "Gilded kiteshield":3488,
    "Archer helm":3749,
    "Berserker helm":3751,
    "Warrior helm":3753,
    "Farseer helm":3755,
    "Fremennik cloak (cyan)":3759,
    "Fremennik cloak (brown)":3761,
    "Fremennik cloak (lavender)":3763,
    "Fremennik cloak (green)":3765,
    "Fremennik shirt (brown)":3767,
    "Fremennik shirt (grey)":3769,
    "Fremennik shirt (tan)":3771,
    "Fremennik shirt (red)":3773,
    "Fremennik shirt (blue)":3775,
    "Fremennik cloak (red)":3777,
    "Fremennik cloak (grey)":3779,
    "Fremennik cloak (gold)":3781,
    "Fremennik cloak (teal)":3783,
    "Fremennik cloak (purple)":3785,
    "Fremennik cloak (pink)":3787,
    "Fremennik cloak (black)":3789,
    "Fremennik boots":3791,
    "Fremennik robe":3793,
    "Fremennik skirt":3795,
    "Fremennik hat":3797,
    "Gloves (Fremennik)":3799,
    "Keg of beer":3801,
    "Beer (tankard)":3803,
    "Saradomin page 1":3827,
    "Saradomin page 2":3828,
    "Saradomin page 3":3829,
    "Saradomin page 4":3830,
    "Zamorak page 1":3831,
    "Zamorak page 2":3832,
    "Zamorak page 3":3833,
    "Zamorak page 4":3834,
    "Guthix page 1":3835,
    "Guthix page 2":3836,
    "Guthix page 3":3837,
    "Guthix page 4":3838,
    "Games necklace (8)":3853,
    "Games necklace (1)":3867,
    "Dragon platelegs":4087,
    "Mystic hat (blue)":4089,
    "Mystic robe top (blue)":4091,
    "Mystic robe bottom (blue)":4093,
    "Mystic gloves (blue)":4095,
    "Mystic boots (blue)":4097,
    "Mystic hat (dark)":4099,
    "Mystic robe top (dark)":4101,
    "Mystic robe bottom (dark)":4103,
    "Mystic gloves (dark)":4105,
    "Mystic boots (dark)":4107,
    "Mystic hat (light)":4109,
    "Mystic robe top (light)":4111,
    "Mystic robe bottom (light)":4113,
    "Mystic gloves (light)":4115,
    "Mystic boots (light)":4117,
    "Bronze boots":4119,
    "Iron boots":4121,
    "Steel boots":4123,
    "Black boots":4125,
    "Mithril boots":4127,
    "Adamant boots":4129,
    "Rune boots":4131,
    "Abyssal whip":4151,
    "Granite maul":4153,
    "Mirror shield":4156,
    "Bag of salt":4161,
    "Rock hammer":4162,
    "Face mask":4164,
    "Nose peg":4168,
    "Slayer's staff":4170,
    "Raw undead beef":4287,
    "Raw undead chicken":4289,
    "Cooked undead chicken":4291,
    "Cooked undead meat":4293,
    "H.a.m. shirt":4298,
    "H.a.m. robe":4300,
    "H.a.m. hood":4302,
    "H.a.m. cloak":4304,
    "H.a.m. logo":4306,
    "H.a.m. gloves":4308,
    "H.a.m. boots":4310,
    "Team-1 cape":4315,
    "Team-2 cape":4317,
    "Team-3 cape":4319,
    "Team-4 cape":4321,
    "Team-5 cape":4323,
    "Team-6 cape":4325,
    "Team-7 cape":4327,
    "Team-8 cape":4329,
    "Team-9 cape":4331,
    "Team-10 cape":4333,
    "Team-11 cape":4335,
    "Team-12 cape":4337,
    "Team-13 cape":4339,
    "Team-14 cape":4341,
    "Team-15 cape":4343,
    "Team-16 cape":4345,
    "Team-17 cape":4347,
    "Team-18 cape":4349,
    "Team-19 cape":4351,
    "Team-20 cape":4353,
    "Team-21 cape":4355,
    "Team-22 cape":4357,
    "Team-23 cape":4359,
    "Team-24 cape":4361,
    "Team-25 cape":4363,
    "Team-26 cape":4365,
    "Team-27 cape":4367,
    "Team-28 cape":4369,
    "Team-29 cape":4371,
    "Team-30 cape":4373,
    "Team-31 cape":4375,
    "Team-32 cape":4377,
    "Team-33 cape":4379,
    "Team-34 cape":4381,
    "Team-35 cape":4383,
    "Team-36 cape":4385,
    "Team-37 cape":4387,
    "Team-38 cape":4389,
    "Team-39 cape":4391,
    "Team-40 cape":4393,
    "Team-41 cape":4395,
    "Team-42 cape":4397,
    "Team-43 cape":4399,
    "Team-44 cape":4401,
    "Team-45 cape":4403,
    "Team-46 cape":4405,
    "Team-47 cape":4407,
    "Team-48 cape":4409,
    "Team-49 cape":4411,
    "Team-50 cape":4413,
    "Guthix rest (4)":4417,
    "Guthix rest (3)":4419,
    "Guthix rest (2)":4421,
    "Guthix rest (1)":4423,
    "Airtight pot":4436,
    "Unfired pot lid":4438,
    "Pot lid":4440,
    "Bowl of hot water":4456,
    "Cup of water":4458,
    "Cup of hot water":4460,
    "Herb tea mix (harralander)":4464,
    "Herb tea mix (guam)":4466,
    "Herb tea mix (marrentill)":4468,
    "Herb tea mix (harralander and marrentill)":4470,
    "Herb tea mix (harralander and guam)":4472,
    "Herb tea mix (2 guams)":4474,
    "Herb tea mix (guam and marrentill)":4476,
    "Herb tea mix (harralander, marrentill, and guam)":4478,
    "Herb tea mix (2 guams and marrentill)":4480,
    "Herb tea mix (2 guams and harralander)":4482,
    "Giant frog legs":4517,
    "Oil lamp (oil)":4522,
    "Oil lamp (empty)":4525,
    "Candle lantern (empty)":4527,
    "Candle lantern":4529,
    "Oil lantern (empty)":4535,
    "Oil lantern (oil)":4537,
    "Oil lantern frame":4540,
    "Lantern lens":4542,
    "Bullseye lantern (frame)":4544,
    "Bullseye lantern (unfuelled)":4546,
    "Bullseye lantern":4548,
    "Spiny helmet":4551,
    "Black spear":4580,
    "Dragon plateskirt":4585,
    "Dragon scimitar":4587,
    "Super kebab":4608,
    "Bandit's brew":4627,
    "Ancient staff":4675,
    "Steam rune":4694,
    "Mist rune":4695,
    "Dust rune":4696,
    "Smoke rune":4697,
    "Mud rune":4698,
    "Lava rune":4699,
    "Ahrim's hood":4708,
    "Ahrim's staff":4710,
    "Ahrim's robe top":4712,
    "Ahrim's robe skirt":4714,
    "Dharok's helm":4716,
    "Dharok's greataxe":4718,
    "Dharok's platebody":4720,
    "Dharok's platelegs":4722,
    "Guthan's helm":4724,
    "Guthan's warspear":4726,
    "Guthan's platebody":4728,
    "Guthan's chainskirt":4730,
    "Karil's coif":4732,
    "Karil's crossbow":4734,
    "Karil's top":4736,
    "Karil's skirt":4738,
    "Bolt rack":4740,
    "Torag's helm":4745,
    "Torag's hammer":4747,
    "Torag's platebody":4749,
    "Torag's platelegs":4751,
    "Verac's helm":4753,
    "Verac's flail":4755,
    "Verac's brassard":4757,
    "Verac's plateskirt":4759,
    "Bronze brutal":4773,
    "Iron brutal":4778,
    "Steel brutal":4783,
    "Black brutal":4788,
    "Mithril brutal":4793,
    "Adamant brutal":4798,
    "Rune brutal":4803,
    "Zogre bones":4812,
    "Bronze nails":4819,
    "Iron nails":4820,
    "Black nails":4821,
    "Mithril nails":4822,
    "Adamantite nails":4823,
    "Rune nails":4824,
    "Unstrung comp bow":4825,
    "Comp ogre bow":4827,
    "Fayrg bones":4830,
    "Raurg bones":4832,
    "Ourg bones":4834,
    "Rogue's purse potion (unf)":4840,
    "Relicym's balm (4)":4842,
    "Relicym's balm (3)":4844,
    "Relicym's balm (2)":4846,
    "Relicym's balm (1)":4848,
    "Ogre coffin key":4850,
    "Ahrim's hood 0":4860,
    "Ahrim's staff 0":4866,
    "Ahrim's robe top 0":4872,
    "Ahrim's robe skirt 0":4878,
    "Dharok's helm 0":4884,
    "Dharok's greataxe 0":4890,
    "Dharok's platebody 0":4896,
    "Dharok's platelegs 0":4902,
    "Guthan's helm 0":4908,
    "Guthan's warspear 0":4914,
    "Guthan's platebody 0":4920,
    "Guthan's chainskirt 0":4926,
    "Karil's coif 0":4932,
    "Karil's crossbow 0":4938,
    "Karil's top 0":4944,
    "Karil's skirt 0":4950,
    "Torag's helm 0":4956,
    "Torag's hammer 0":4962,
    "Torag's platebody 0":4968,
    "Torag's platelegs 0":4974,
    "Verac's helm 0":4980,
    "Verac's flail 0":4986,
    "Verac's brassard 0":4992,
    "Verac's plateskirt 0":4998,
    "Raw cave eel":5001,
    "Cave eel":5003,
    "Mining helmet":5014,
    "Bone spear":5016,
    "Bone club":5018,
    "Woven top (brown)":5024,
    "Woven top (tan)":5026,
    "Woven top (blue)":5028,
    "Shirt (brown)":5030,
    "Shirt (tan)":5032,
    "Shirt (lilac)":5034,
    "Trousers (brown)":5036,
    "Trousers (pink)":5038,
    "Trousers (blue)":5040,
    "Shorts (brown)":5042,
    "Shorts (tan)":5044,
    "Shorts (blue)":5046,
    "Skirt (brown)":5048,
    "Skirt (lilac)":5050,
    "Skirt (blue)":5052,
    "Marigold seed":5096,
    "Rosemary seed":5097,
    "Nasturtium seed":5098,
    "Woad seed":5099,
    "Limpwurt seed":5100,
    "Redberry seed":5101,
    "Cadavaberry seed":5102,
    "Dwellberry seed":5103,
    "Jangerberry seed":5104,
    "Whiteberry seed":5105,
    "Poison ivy seed":5106,
    "Cactus seed":5280,
    "Belladonna seed":5281,
    "Bittercap mushroom spore":5282,
    "Apple tree seed":5283,
    "Banana tree seed":5284,
    "Orange tree seed":5285,
    "Curry tree seed":5286,
    "Pineapple seed":5287,
    "Papaya tree seed":5288,
    "Palm tree seed":5289,
    "Calquat tree seed":5290,
    "Guam seed":5291,
    "Marrentill seed":5292,
    "Tarromin seed":5293,
    "Harralander seed":5294,
    "Ranarr seed":5295,
    "Toadflax seed":5296,
    "Irit seed":5297,
    "Avantoe seed":5298,
    "Kwuarm seed":5299,
    "Snapdragon seed":5300,
    "Cadantine seed":5301,
    "Lantadyme seed":5302,
    "Dwarf weed seed":5303,
    "Torstol seed":5304,
    "Barley seed":5305,
    "Jute seed":5306,
    "Hammerstone seed":5307,
    "Asgarnian seed":5308,
    "Yanillian seed":5309,
    "Krandorian seed":5310,
    "Wildblood seed":5311,
    "Willow seed":5313,
    "Maple seed":5314,
    "Yew seed":5315,
    "Magic seed":5316,
    "Potato seed":5318,
    "Onion seed":5319,
    "Sweetcorn seed":5320,
    "Watermelon seed":5321,
    "Tomato seed":5322,
    "Strawberry seed":5323,
    "Cabbage seed":5324,
    "Gardening trowel":5325,
    "Watering can":5331,
    "Seed dibber":5343,
    "Gardening boots":5345,
    "Plant pot (empty)":5350,
    "Unfired plant pot":5352,
    "Plant pot":5354,
    "Apples (5)":5386,
    "Oranges (5)":5396,
    "Strawberries (5)":5406,
    "Bananas (5)":5416,
    "Empty sack":5418,
    "Potatoes (10)":5438,
    "Onions (10)":5458,
    "Cabbages (10)":5478,
    "Elemental talisman":5516,
    "Binding necklace":5521,
    "Tiara mould":5523,
    "Air tiara":5527,
    "Mind tiara":5529,
    "Water tiara":5531,
    "Body tiara":5533,
    "Earth tiara":5535,
    "Fire tiara":5537,
    "Cosmic tiara":5539,
    "Nature tiara":5541,
    "Chaos tiara":5543,
    "Law tiara":5545,
    "Death tiara":5547,
    "Blood tiara":5549,
    "Initiate sallet":5574,
    "Initiate hauberk":5575,
    "Initiate cuisse":5576,
    "Asgarnian ale (m)":5739,
    "Mature wmb":5741,
    "Greenman's ale (m)":5743,
    "Dragon bitter (m)":5745,
    "Dwarven stout (m)":5747,
    "Moonlight mead (m)":5749,
    "Axeman's folly":5751,
    "Axeman's folly (m)":5753,
    "Chef's delight":5755,
    "Chef's delight (m)":5757,
    "Slayer's respite":5759,
    "Slayer's respite (m)":5761,
    "Mature cider":5765,
    "Ale yeast":5767,
    "Calquat keg":5769,
    "Dwarven stout (1)":5771,
    "Dwarven stout (2)":5773,
    "Dwarven stout (3)":5775,
    "Dwarven stout (4)":5777,
    "Asgarnian ale (1)":5779,
    "Asgarnian ale (2)":5781,
    "Asgarnian ale (3)":5783,
    "Asgarnian ale (4)":5785,
    "Greenman's ale (1)":5787,
    "Greenman's ale (2)":5789,
    "Greenman's ale (3)":5791,
    "Greenman's ale (4)":5793,
    "Mind bomb (1)":5795,
    "Mind bomb (2)":5797,
    "Mind bomb (3)":5799,
    "Mind bomb (4)":5801,
    "Dragon bitter (1)":5803,
    "Dragon bitter (2)":5805,
    "Dragon bitter (3)":5807,
    "Dragon bitter (4)":5809,
    "Moonlight mead (1)":5811,
    "Moonlight mead (2)":5813,
    "Moonlight mead (3)":5815,
    "Moonlight mead (4)":5817,
    "Axeman's folly (1)":5819,
    "Axeman's folly (2)":5821,
    "Axeman's folly (3)":5823,
    "Axeman's folly (4)":5825,
    "Chef's delight (1)":5827,
    "Chef's delight (2)":5829,
    "Chef's delight (3)":5831,
    "Chef's delight (4)":5833,
    "Slayer's respite (1)":5835,
    "Slayer's respite (2)":5837,
    "Slayer's respite (3)":5839,
    "Slayer's respite (4)":5841,
    "Cider (1)":5843,
    "Cider (2)":5845,
    "Cider (3)":5847,
    "Cider (4)":5849,
    "Dwarven stout (m1)":5851,
    "Dwarven stout (m2)":5853,
    "Dwarven stout (m3)":5855,
    "Dwarven stout (m4)":5857,
    "Asgarnian ale (m1)":5859,
    "Asgarnian ale (m2)":5861,
    "Asgarnian ale (m3)":5863,
    "Asgarnian ale (m4)":5865,
    "Greenman's ale (m1)":5867,
    "Greenman's ale (m2)":5869,
    "Greenman's ale (m3)":5871,
    "Greenman's ale (m4)":5873,
    "Mind bomb (m1)":5875,
    "Mind bomb (m2)":5877,
    "Mind bomb (m3)":5879,
    "Mind bomb (m4)":5881,
    "Dragon bitter (m1)":5883,
    "Dragon bitter (m2)":5885,
    "Dragon bitter (m3)":5887,
    "Dragon bitter (m4)":5889,
    "M'light mead (m1)":5891,
    "M'light mead (m2)":5893,
    "M'light mead (m3)":5895,
    "M'light mead (m4)":5897,
    "Axeman's folly (m1)":5899,
    "Axeman's folly (m2)":5901,
    "Axeman's folly (m3)":5903,
    "Axeman's folly (m4)":5905,
    "Chef's delight (m1)":5907,
    "Chef's delight (m2)":5909,
    "Chef's delight (m3)":5911,
    "Chef's delight (m4)":5913,
    "Slayer respite (m1)":5915,
    "Slayer respite (m2)":5917,
    "Slayer respite (m3)":5919,
    "Slayer respite (m4)":5921,
    "Cider (m1)":5923,
    "Cider (m2)":5925,
    "Cider (m3)":5927,
    "Cider (m4)":5929,
    "Jute fibre":5931,
    "Willow branch":5933,
    "Coconut milk":5935,
    "Antipoison+ (4)":5943,
    "Antipoison+ (3)":5945,
    "Antipoison+ (2)":5947,
    "Antipoison+ (1)":5949,
    "Antipoison++ (4)":5952,
    "Antipoison++ (3)":5954,
    "Antipoison++ (2)":5956,
    "Antipoison++ (1)":5958,
    "Tomatoes (5)":5968,
    "Curry leaf":5970,
    "Papaya fruit":5972,
    "Coconut (open)":5976,
    "Coconut shell":5978,
    "Calquat fruit":5980,
    "Watermelon slice":5984,
    "Cooked sweetcorn":5988,
    "Apple mush":5992,
    "Hammerstone hops":5994,
    "Asgarnian hops":5996,
    "Yanillian hops":5998,
    "Krandorian hops":6000,
    "Wildblood hops":6002,
    "Bittercap mushroom":6004,
    "Barley malt":6008,
    "Cactus spine":6016,
    "Poison ivy berries":6018,
    "Leaves (oak)":6022,
    "Leaves (willow)":6024,
    "Leaves (yew)":6026,
    "Leaves (maple)":6028,
    "Leaves (magic)":6030,
    "Plant cure":6036,
    "Magic string":6038,
    "Pre-nature amulet":6041,
    "Oak roots":6043,
    "Willow roots":6045,
    "Maple roots":6047,
    "Yew roots":6049,
    "Magic roots":6051,
    "Rock-shell helm":6128,
    "Rock-shell plate":6129,
    "Rock-shell legs":6130,
    "Spined helm":6131,
    "Spined body":6133,
    "Spined chaps":6135,
    "Skeletal helm":6137,
    "Skeletal top":6139,
    "Skeletal bottoms":6141,
    "Spined boots":6143,
    "Rock-shell boots":6145,
    "Skeletal boots":6147,
    "Spined gloves":6149,
    "Rock-shell gloves":6151,
    "Skeletal gloves":6153,
    "Dagannoth hide":6155,
    "Rock-shell chunk":6157,
    "Rock-shell shard":6159,
    "Rock-shell splinter":6161,
    "Skull piece":6163,
    "Ribcage piece":6165,
    "Fibula piece":6167,
    "Circular hide":6169,
    "Flattened hide":6171,
    "Stretched hide":6173,
    "Teak pyre logs":6211,
    "Mahogany pyre logs":6213,
    "Broodoo shield (green) (10)":6215,
    "Broodoo shield (green)":6235,
    "Broodoo shield (orange) (10)":6237,
    "Broodoo shield (orange)":6257,
    "Broodoo shield (blue) (10)":6259,
    "Broodoo shield (blue)":6279,
    "Thatch spar light":6281,
    "Thatch spar med":6283,
    "Thatch spar dense":6285,
    "Snake hide":6287,
    "Spider carcass":6291,
    "Spider on stick (raw)":6293,
    "Spider on shaft (raw)":6295,
    "Spider on stick":6297,
    "Spider on shaft":6299,
    "Skewer stick":6305,
    "Trading sticks":6306,
    "Gout tuber":6311,
    "Opal machete":6313,
    "Jade machete":6315,
    "Red topaz machete":6317,
    "Snakeskin body":6322,
    "Snakeskin chaps":6324,
    "Snakeskin bandana":6326,
    "Snakeskin boots":6328,
    "Snakeskin vambraces":6330,
    "Mahogany logs":6332,
    "Teak logs":6333,
    "Tribal mask (green)":6335,
    "Tribal mask (orange)":6337,
    "Tribal mask (blue)":6339,
    "Tribal top (brown)":6341,
    "Villager robes (brown)":6343,
    "Villager hat (brown)":6345,
    "Villager armband (brown)":6347,
    "Villager sandals (brown)":6349,
    "Tribal top (blue)":6351,
    "Villager robes (blue)":6353,
    "Villager hat (blue)":6355,
    "Villager sandals (blue)":6357,
    "Villager armband (blue)":6359,
    "Tribal top (yellow)":6361,
    "Villager robes (yellow)":6363,
    "Villager hat (yellow)":6365,
    "Villager sandals (yellow)":6367,
    "Villager armband (yellow)":6369,
    "Tribal top (pink)":6371,
    "Villager robes (pink)":6373,
    "Villager hat (pink)":6375,
    "Villager sandals (pink)":6377,
    "Villager armband (pink)":6379,
    "Desert top":6384,
    "Desert robes":6386,
    "Desert top (overcoat)":6388,
    "Desert legs":6390,
    "Menap headgear (purple)":6392,
    "Menaphite top (purple)":6394,
    "Menaphite robe (purple)":6396,
    "Menap action kilt (purple)":6398,
    "Menap headgear (red)":6400,
    "Menaphite top (red)":6402,
    "Menaphite robe (red)":6404,
    "Menap action kilt (red)":6406,
    "Oak blackjack (o)":6408,
    "Oak blackjack (d)":6410,
    "Willow blackjack (o)":6412,
    "Willow blackjack (d)":6414,
    "Maple blackjack":6416,
    "Maple blackjack (o)":6418,
    "Maple blackjack (d)":6420,
    "Compost potion (4)":6470,
    "Compost potion (3)":6472,
    "Compost potion (2)":6474,
    "Compost potion (1)":6476,
    "Mud battlestaff":6562,
    "Mystic mud staff":6563,
    "Obsidian cape":6568,
    "Uncut onyx":6571,
    "Onyx ring":6575,
    "Onyx necklace":6577,
    "Onyx amulet":6581,
    "Ring of stone":6583,
    "Amulet of fury":6585,
    "White claw":6587,
    "White battleaxe":6589,
    "White dagger":6591,
    "White halberd":6599,
    "White mace":6601,
    "White magic staff":6603,
    "White sword":6605,
    "White longsword":6607,
    "White 2h sword":6609,
    "White scimitar":6611,
    "White warhammer":6613,
    "White chainbody":6615,
    "White platebody":6617,
    "White boots":6619,
    "White helm":6621,
    "White full helm":6623,
    "White platelegs":6625,
    "White plateskirt":6627,
    "White gloves":6629,
    "White sq shield":6631,
    "White kiteshield":6633,
    "Ground guam":6681,
    "Ground seaweed":6683,
    "Saradomin brew (4)":6685,
    "Saradomin brew (3)":6687,
    "Saradomin brew (2)":6689,
    "Saradomin brew (1)":6691,
    "Crushed nest":6693,
    "Pat of butter":6697,
    "Baked potato":6701,
    "Potato with butter":6703,
    "Potato with cheese":6705,
    "Dagannoth bones":6729,
    "Seers' ring":6731,
    "Archers' ring":6733,
    "Warrior ring":6735,
    "Berserker ring":6737,
    "Dragon hatchet":6739,
    "Guthix mjolnir":6760,
    "Saradomin mjolnir":6762,
    "Zamorak mjolnir":6764,
    "Granite legs":6809,
    "Wyvern bones":6812,
    "Mages' book":6889,
    "Beginner wand":6908,
    "Apprentice wand":6910,
    "Teacher wand":6912,
    "Master wand":6914,
    "Infinity top":6916,
    "Infinity hat":6918,
    "Infinity boots":6920,
    "Infinity gloves":6922,
    "Infinity bottoms":6924,
    "Cape (pink)":6959,
    "Triangle sandwich":6962,
    "Sandstone (1kg)":6971,
    "Sandstone (2kg)":6973,
    "Sandstone (5kg)":6975,
    "Sandstone (10kg)":6977,
    "Granite (500g)":6979,
    "Granite (2kg)":6981,
    "Granite (5kg)":6983,
    "Unlit bug lantern":7051,
    "Chilli potato":7054,
    "Egg potato":7056,
    "Mushroom potato":7058,
    "Tuna potato":7060,
    "Chilli con carne":7062,
    "Egg and tomato":7064,
    "Mushroom & onion":7066,
    "Tuna and corn":7068,
    "Minced meat":7070,
    "Spicy sauce":7072,
    "Chopped garlic":7074,
    "Uncooked egg":7076,
    "Scrambled egg":7078,
    "Sliced mushrooms":7080,
    "Fried mushrooms":7082,
    "Fried onions":7084,
    "Chopped tuna":7086,
    "Stripy pirate shirt (beige)":7110,
    "Pirate bandana (white)":7112,
    "Pirate boots":7114,
    "Pirate leggings (beige)":7116,
    "Stripy pirate shirt (red)":7122,
    "Pirate bandana (red)":7124,
    "Pirate leggings (red)":7126,
    "Stripy pirate shirt (blue)":7128,
    "Pirate bandana (blue)":7130,
    "Pirate leggings (blue)":7132,
    "Stripy pirate shirt (brown)":7134,
    "Pirate bandana (brown)":7136,
    "Pirate leggings (brown)":7138,
    "Dragon 2h sword":7158,
    "Insulated boots":7159,
    "Pie recipe book":7162,
    "Part mud pie 1":7164,
    "Part mud pie 2":7166,
    "Raw mud pie":7168,
    "Mud pie":7170,
    "Part garden pie 1":7172,
    "Part garden pie 2":7174,
    "Raw garden pie":7176,
    "Garden pie":7178,
    "Half a garden pie":7180,
    "Part fish pie 1":7182,
    "Part fish pie 2":7184,
    "Raw fish pie":7186,
    "Fish pie":7188,
    "Half a fish pie":7190,
    "Part admiral pie 1":7192,
    "Part admiral pie 2":7194,
    "Raw admiral pie":7196,
    "Admiral pie":7198,
    "Half an admiral pie":7200,
    "Part wild pie 1":7202,
    "Part wild pie 2":7204,
    "Raw wild pie":7206,
    "Wild pie":7208,
    "Half a wild pie":7210,
    "Part summer pie 1":7212,
    "Part summer pie 2":7214,
    "Raw summer pie":7216,
    "Summer pie":7218,
    "Half a summer pie":7220,
    "Roast rabbit":7223,
    "Skewered rabbit":7224,
    "Iron spit":7225,
    "Skewered chompy":7230,
    "Red boater":7319,
    "Orange boater":7321,
    "Green boater":7323,
    "Blue boater":7325,
    "Black boater":7327,
    "Red firelighter":7329,
    "Green firelighter":7330,
    "Blue firelighter":7331,
    "Black shield (h1)":7332,
    "Adamant shield (h1)":7334,
    "Rune shield (h1)":7336,
    "Black shield (h2)":7338,
    "Adamant shield (h2)":7340,
    "Rune shield (h2)":7342,
    "Black shield (h3)":7344,
    "Adamant shield (h3)":7346,
    "Rune shield (h3)":7348,
    "Black shield (h4)":7350,
    "Adamant shield (h4)":7352,
    "Rune shield (h4)":7354,
    "Black shield (h5)":7356,
    "Adamant shield (h5)":7358,
    "Rune shield (h5)":7360,
    "Studded body (g)":7362,
    "Studded body (t)":7364,
    "Studded chaps (g)":7366,
    "Studded chaps (t)":7368,
    "Dragonhide body (g) (green)":7370,
    "Dragonhide body (t) (green)":7372,
    "Dragonhide body (g) (blue)":7374,
    "Dragonhide body (t) (blue)":7376,
    "Dragonhide chaps (g) (green)":7378,
    "Dragonhide chaps (t) (green)":7380,
    "Dragonhide chaps (g) (blue)":7382,
    "Dragonhide chaps (t) (blue)":7384,
    "Wizard robe skirt (g)":7386,
    "Wizard robe skirt (t)":7388,
    "Wizard robe top (g)":7390,
    "Wizard robe top (t)":7392,
    "Wizard hat (g)":7394,
    "Wizard hat (t)":7396,
    "Enchanted robe":7398,
    "Enchanted top":7399,
    "Enchanted hat":7400,
    "Mole claw":7416,
    "Mole skin":7418,
    "Wooden spoon":7433,
    "Egg whisk":7435,
    "Frying pan":7441,
    "Rolling pin":7445,
    "Kitchen knife":7447,
    "Meat tenderiser":7449,
    "Cooked crab meat":7521,
    "Raw jubbly":7566,
    "Cooked jubbly":7568,
    "Silver dust":7650,
    "Guthix balance (4) (unf)":7652,
    "Guthix balance (3) (unf)":7654,
    "Guthix balance (2) (unf)":7656,
    "Guthix balance (1) (unf)":7658,
    "Guthix balance (4)":7660,
    "Guthix balance (3)":7662,
    "Guthix balance (2)":7664,
    "Guthix balance (1)":7666,
    "Toy soldier":7759,
    "Toy doll":7763,
    "Toy mouse":7767,
    "Clockwork cat":7771,
    "Snake hide (swamp)":7801,
    "Field ration":7934,
    "Pure essence":7936,
    "Tortoise shell":7939,
    "Raw monkfish":7944,
    "Varrock teleport":8007,
    "Lumbridge teleport":8008,
    "Falador teleport":8009,
    "Camelot teleport":8010,
    "Ardougne teleport":8011,
    "Watchtower teleport":8012,
    "Teleport to house":8013,
    "Bones to bananas":8014,
    "Bones to peaches":8015,
    "Enchant sapphire":8016,
    "Enchant emerald":8017,
    "Enchant ruby":8018,
    "Enchant diamond":8019,
    "Enchant dragonstn.":8020,
    "Enchant onyx":8021,
    "Bagged plant 1":8431,
    "Crude wooden chair":8496,
    "Wooden chair":8498,
    "Rocking chair":8500,
    "Oak chair":8502,
    "Oak armchair":8504,
    "Teak armchair":8506,
    "Mahogany armchair":8508,
    "Wooden bookcase":8510,
    "Oak bookcase":8512,
    "Mahogany b'kcase":8514,
    "Beer barrel":8516,
    "Cider barrel":8518,
    "Asgarnian ale (barrel)":8520,
    "Greenman's ale (barrel)":8522,
    "Dragon bitter (barrel)":8524,
    "Chef's delight (barrel)":8526,
    "Wood kitchen table":8528,
    "Oak kitchen table":8530,
    "Teak kitchen table":8532,
    "Wood dining table":8548,
    "Oak dining table":8550,
    "Carved oak table":8552,
    "Teak table":8554,
    "Carved teak table":8556,
    "Mahogany table":8558,
    "Opulent table":8560,
    "Wooden bench":8562,
    "Oak bench":8564,
    "Carved oak bench":8566,
    "Teak dining bench":8568,
    "Carved teak bench":8570,
    "Mahogany bench":8572,
    "Gilded bench":8574,
    "Wooden bed":8576,
    "Oak bed":8578,
    "Large oak bed":8580,
    "Teak bed":8582,
    "Large teak bed":8584,
    "Gilded 4-poster":8588,
    "Oak clock":8590,
    "Teak clock":8592,
    "Gilded clock":8594,
    "Shaving stand":8596,
    "Oak shaving stand":8598,
    "Oak dresser":8600,
    "Teak dresser":8602,
    "Fancy teak dresser":8604,
    "Mahogany dresser":8606,
    "Gilded dresser":8608,
    "Shoe box":8610,
    "Oak drawers":8612,
    "Oak wardrobe":8614,
    "Teak drawers":8616,
    "Teak wardrobe":8618,
    "Mahogany 'drobe":8620,
    "Gilded wardrobe":8622,
    "Oak plank":8778,
    "Teak plank":8780,
    "Mahogany plank":8782,
    "Gold leaf":8784,
    "Marble block":8786,
    "Magic stone":8788,
    "Bolt of cloth":8790,
    "Timber beam":8837,
    "Bone dagger":8872,
    "Dorgeshuun c'bow":8880,
    "Bone bolts":8882,
    "Black mask (10)":8901,
    "Black mask":8921,
    "Security book":9003,
    "Stronghold notes":9004,
    "Ivory comb":9026,
    "Golden scarab":9028,
    "Stone scarab":9030,
    "Pottery scarab":9032,
    "Golden statuette":9034,
    "Pottery statuette":9036,
    "Stone statuette":9038,
    "Gold seal":9040,
    "Stone seal":9042,
    "Pharaoh's sceptre (3)":9044,
    "Pharaoh's sceptre":9050,
    "Locust meat":9052,
    "Astral rune":9075,
    "Iron bolts":9140,
    "Steel bolts":9141,
    "Mithril bolts":9142,
    "Adamant bolts":9143,
    "Runite bolts":9144,
    "Silver bolts":9145,
    "Bronze crossbow":9174,
    "Iron crossbow":9177,
    "Steel crossbow":9179,
    "Mith crossbow":9181,
    "Adamant crossbow":9183,
    "Rune crossbow":9185,
    "Jade bolt tips":9187,
    "Topaz bolt tips":9188,
    "Sapphire bolt tips":9189,
    "Emerald bolt tips":9190,
    "Ruby bolt tips":9191,
    "Diamond bolt tips":9192,
    "Dragon bolt tips":9193,
    "Onyx bolt tips":9194,
    "Opal bolts (e)":9236,
    "Pearl bolts (e)":9238,
    "Topaz bolts (e)":9239,
    "Sapphire bolts (e)":9240,
    "Emerald bolts (e)":9241,
    "Ruby bolts (e)":9242,
    "Diamond bolts (e)":9243,
    "Dragon bolts (e)":9244,
    "Onyx bolts (e)":9245,
    "Topaz bolts":9336,
    "Sapphire bolts":9337,
    "Emerald bolts":9338,
    "Ruby bolts":9339,
    "Diamond bolts":9340,
    "Dragon bolts":9341,
    "Onyx bolts":9342,
    "Bronze bolts (unf)":9375,
    "Iron bolts (unf)":9377,
    "Steel bolts (unf)":9378,
    "Mithril bolts (unf)":9379,
    "Adamant bolts (unf)":9380,
    "Runite bolts (unf)":9381,
    "Silver bolts (unf)":9382,
    "Mith grapple tip":9416,
    "Mith grapple (unf)":9418,
    "Mith grapple":9419,
    "Bronze limbs":9420,
    "Iron limbs":9423,
    "Steel limbs":9425,
    "Mithril limbs":9427,
    "Adamantite limbs":9429,
    "Runite limbs":9431,
    "Bolt mould":9434,
    "Crossbow string":9438,
    "Wooden stock":9440,
    "Oak stock":9442,
    "Willow stock":9444,
    "Teak stock":9446,
    "Maple stock":9448,
    "Mahogany stock":9450,
    "Yew stock":9452,
    "Bronze c'bow (u)":9454,
    "Iron c'bow (u)":9457,
    "Steel c'bow (u)":9459,
    "Mithril c'bow (u)":9461,
    "Adamant c'bow (u)":9463,
    "Runite c'bow (u)":9465,
    "Grand seed pod":9469,
    "Gnome scarf":9470,
    "Gnome goggles":9472,
    "Mint cake":9475,
    "Tyras helm":9629,
    "Vyrewatch top":9634,
    "Vyrewatch legs":9636,
    "Vyrewatch shoes":9638,
    "Citizen top":9640,
    "Citizen trousers":9642,
    "Citizen shoes":9644,
    "Pros'yte harness m":9666,
    "Initiate harness m":9668,
    "Pros'yte harness f":9670,
    "Proselyte sallet":9672,
    "Proselyte hauberk":9674,
    "Proselyte cuisse":9676,
    "Proselyte tasset":9678,
    "Elemental helmet":9729,
    "Mind shield":9731,
    "Mind helmet":9733,
    "Desert goat horn":9735,
    "Goat horn dust":9736,
    "Combat potion (4)":9739,
    "Combat potion (3)":9741,
    "Combat potion (2)":9743,
    "Combat potion (1)":9745,
    "Oak cape rack":9843,
    "Teak cape rack":9844,
    "M'gany cape rack":9845,
    "Gilded cape rack":9846,
    "Marble cape rack":9847,
    "Magical cape rack":9848,
    "Oak toy box":9849,
    "Teak toy box":9850,
    "Mahogany toy box":9851,
    "Oak magic wardrobe":9852,
    "Carved oak magic wardrobe":9853,
    "Teak magic wardrobe":9854,
    "Carved teak magic wardrobe":9855,
    "Mahogany magic wardrobe":9856,
    "Gilded magic wardrobe":9857,
    "Marble magic wardrobe":9858,
    "Oak armour case":9859,
    "Teak armour case":9860,
    "M'gany arm'r case":9861,
    "Oak treasure chest":9862,
    "Teak treas' chest":9863,
    "M'gany treas' chest":9864,
    "Oak costume box":9865,
    "Teak costume box":9866,
    "Mahogany cos box":9867,
    "Raw bird meat":9978,
    "Roast bird meat":9980,
    "Skewered bird meat":9984,
    "Raw beast meat":9986,
    "Roast beast meat":9988,
    "Skewered beast":9992,
    "Spicy tomato":9994,
    "Spicy minced meat":9996,
    "Hunter potion (4)":9998,
    "Hunter potion (3)":10000,
    "Hunter potion (2)":10002,
    "Hunter potion (1)":10004,
    "Bird snare":10006,
    "Box trap":10008,
    "Butterfly net":10010,
    "Butterfly jar":10012,
    "Black warlock":10014,
    "Snowy knight":10016,
    "Sapphire glacialis":10018,
    "Ruby harvest":10020,
    "Magic box":10025,
    "Teasing stick":10029,
    "Rabbit snare":10031,
    "Red chinchompa":10034,
    "Kyatt legs":10035,
    "Kyatt top":10037,
    "Kyatt hat":10039,
    "Larupia legs":10041,
    "Larupia top":10043,
    "Larupia hat":10045,
    "Graahk legs":10047,
    "Graahk top":10049,
    "Graahk headdress":10051,
    "Wood camo top":10053,
    "Wood camo legs":10055,
    "Jungle camo top":10057,
    "Jungle camo legs":10059,
    "Desert camo top":10061,
    "Desert camo legs":10063,
    "Polar camo top":10065,
    "Polar camo legs":10067,
    "Spotted cape":10069,
    "Spottier cape":10071,
    "Gloves of silence":10075,
    "Spiky vambraces":10077,
    "Green spiky vambraces":10079,
    "Blue spiky vambraces":10081,
    "Red spiky vambraces":10083,
    "Black spiky vambraces":10085,
    "Stripy feather":10087,
    "Red feather":10088,
    "Blue feather":10089,
    "Yellow feather":10090,
    "Orange feather":10091,
    "Tatty larupia fur":10093,
    "Larupia fur":10095,
    "Tatty graahk fur":10097,
    "Graahk fur":10099,
    "Tatty kyatt fur":10101,
    "Kyatt fur":10103,
    "Kebbit spike":10105,
    "Long kebbit spike":10107,
    "Kebbit teeth":10109,
    "Kebbit teeth dust":10111,
    "Kebbit claws":10113,
    "Dark kebbit fur":10115,
    "Polar kebbit fur":10117,
    "Feldip weasel fur":10119,
    "Common kebbit fur":10121,
    "Desert devil fur":10123,
    "Spotted kebbit fur":10125,
    "Dashing kebbit fur":10127,
    "Barb-tail harpoon":10129,
    "Strung rabbit foot":10132,
    "Rabbit foot":10134,
    "Rainbow fish":10136,
    "Raw rainbow fish":10138,
    "Guam tar":10142,
    "Marrentill tar":10143,
    "Tarromin tar":10144,
    "Harralander tar":10145,
    "Orange salamander":10146,
    "Red salamander":10147,
    "Black salamander":10148,
    "Swamp lizard":10149,
    "Noose wand":10150,
    "Hunters' crossbow":10156,
    "Kebbit bolts":10158,
    "Long kebbit bolts":10159,
    "Willow composite bow":10280,
    "Yew composite bow":10282,
    "Magic composite bow":10284,
    "Rune helm (h1)":10286,
    "Rune helm (h2)":10288,
    "Rune helm (h3)":10290,
    "Rune helm (h4)":10292,
    "Rune helm (h5)":10294,
    "Adamant helm (h1)":10296,
    "Adamant helm (h2)":10298,
    "Adamant helm (h3)":10300,
    "Adamant helm (h4)":10302,
    "Adamant helm (h5)":10304,
    "Black helm (h1)":10306,
    "Black helm (h2)":10308,
    "Black helm (h3)":10310,
    "Black helm (h4)":10312,
    "Black helm (h5)":10314,
    "Bob shirt (red)":10316,
    "Bob shirt (blue)":10318,
    "Bob shirt (green)":10320,
    "Bob shirt (black)":10322,
    "Bob shirt (purple)":10324,
    "Purple firelighter":10326,
    "White firelighter":10327,
    "Third-age range top":10330,
    "Third-age range legs":10332,
    "Third-age range coif":10334,
    "Third-age vambraces":10336,
    "Third-age robe top":10338,
    "Third-age robe":10340,
    "Third-age mage hat":10342,
    "Third-age amulet":10344,
    "Third-age platelegs":10346,
    "Third-age platebody":10348,
    "Third-age full helmet":10350,
    "Third-age kiteshield":10352,
    "Amulet of glory (t4)":10354,
    "Amulet of glory (t)":10362,
    "Strength amulet (t)":10364,
    "Amulet of magic (t)":10366,
    "Zamorak vambraces":10368,
    "Zamorak body":10370,
    "Zamorak chaps":10372,
    "Zamorak coif":10374,
    "Guthix vambraces":10376,
    "Guthix body":10378,
    "Guthix chaps":10380,
    "Guthix coif":10382,
    "Saradomin vambraces":10384,
    "Saradomin body":10386,
    "Saradomin chaps":10388,
    "Saradomin coif":10390,
    "A powdered wig":10392,
    "Flared trousers":10394,
    "Sleeping cap":10398,
    "Black elegant shirt":10400,
    "Black elegant legs":10402,
    "Red elegant shirt":10404,
    "Red elegant legs":10406,
    "Blue elegant shirt":10408,
    "Blue elegant legs":10410,
    "Green elegant shirt":10412,
    "Green elegant legs":10414,
    "Purple elegant shirt":10416,
    "Purple elegant legs":10418,
    "White elegant blouse":10420,
    "White elegant skirt":10422,
    "Red elegant blouse":10424,
    "Red elegant skirt":10426,
    "Blue elegant blouse":10428,
    "Blue elegant skirt":10430,
    "Green elegant blouse":10432,
    "Green elegant skirt":10434,
    "Purple elegant blouse":10436,
    "Purple elegant skirt":10438,
    "Saradomin crozier":10440,
    "Guthix crozier":10442,
    "Zamorak crozier":10444,
    "Saradomin cloak":10446,
    "Guthix cloak":10448,
    "Zamorak cloak":10450,
    "Saradomin mitre":10452,
    "Guthix mitre":10454,
    "Zamorak mitre":10456,
    "Saradomin robe top":10458,
    "Zamorak robe top":10460,
    "Guthix robe top":10462,
    "Saradomin robe legs":10464,
    "Guthix robe legs":10466,
    "Zamorak robe legs":10468,
    "Saradomin stole":10470,
    "Guthix stole":10472,
    "Zamorak stole":10474,
    "Purple sweets":10476,
    "Granite body":10564,
    "Granite helm":10589,
    "Arctic pyre logs":10808,
    "Arctic pine logs":10810,
    "Split log":10812,
    "Raw yak meat":10816,
    "Cured yak-hide":10820,
    "Yak-hide armour (top)":10822,
    "Yak-hide armour (legs)":10824,
    "Fremennik round shield":10826,
    "Helm of neitiznot":10828,
    "Wooden cat":10891,
    "Mixture - step 1 (4)":10909,
    "Mixture - step 1 (3)":10911,
    "Mixture - step 1 (2)":10913,
    "Mixture - step 1 (1)":10915,
    "Mixture - step 2 (4)":10917,
    "Mixture - step 2 (3)":10919,
    "Mixture - step 2 (2)":10921,
    "Mixture - step 2 (1)":10923,
    "Sanfew serum (4)":10925,
    "Sanfew serum (3)":10927,
    "Sanfew serum (2)":10929,
    "Sanfew serum (1)":10931,
    "Nail beast nails":10937,
    "Slayer bell":10952,
    "Frog-leather body":10954,
    "Frog-leather chaps":10956,
    "Frog-leather boots":10958,
    "Light orb":10973,
    "Swamp weed":10978,
    "Cave goblin wire":10981,
    "Brine sabre":11037,
    "Ancient mace":11061,
    "Bracelet mould":11065,
    "Gold bracelet":11069,
    "Sapphire bracelet":11072,
    "Bracelet of clay":11074,
    "Emerald bracelet":11076,
    "Castle wars brace (3)":11079,
    "Castle wars brace (1)":11083,
    "Ruby bracelet":11085,
    "Inoculation brace":11088,
    "Phoenix necklace":11090,
    "Diamond bracelet":11092,
    "Forinthry brace (5)":11095,
    "Forinthry brace (1)":11103,
    "Skills necklace (4)":11105,
    "Skills necklace":11113,
    "Dragon bracelet":11115,
    "Combat bracelet (4)":11118,
    "Combat bracelet":11126,
    "Berserker necklace":11128,
    "Onyx bracelet":11130,
    "Regen bracelet":11133,
    "Hunter kit":11159,
    "Dwarven helmet":11200,
    "Shrunk ogleroot":11205,
    "Dragon arrow":11212,
    "Dragon fire arrows (unlit)":11217,
    "Dragon fire arrows":11222,
    "Dragon dart":11230,
    "Dragon dart tip":11232,
    "Dark bow":11235,
    "Dragon arrowheads":11237,
    "Baby impling jar":11238,
    "Young impling jar":11240,
    "Gourm' impling jar":11242,
    "Earth impling jar":11244,
    "Ess' impling jar":11246,
    "Eclectic impling jar":11248,
    "Nature impling jar":11250,
    "Magpie impling jar":11252,
    "Ninja impling jar":11254,
    "Dragon impling jar":11256,
    "Impling jar":11260,
    "Imp repellent":11262,
    "Anchovy oil":11264,
    "Anchovy paste":11266,
    "Dragonfire shield":11284,
    "Draconic visage":11286,
    "Leaping trout":11328,
    "Leaping salmon":11330,
    "Leaping sturgeon":11332,
    "Fish offcuts":11334,
    "Dragon full helm":11335,
    "Bronze hasta":11367,
    "Iron hasta":11369,
    "Steel hasta":11371,
    "Mithril hasta":11373,
    "Adamant hasta":11375,
    "Rune hasta":11377,
    "Attack mix (2)":11429,
    "Attack mix (1)":11431,
    "Antipoison mix (2)":11433,
    "Antipoison mix (1)":11435,
    "Relicym's mix (2)":11437,
    "Relicym's mix (1)":11439,
    "Strength mix (1)":11441,
    "Strength mix (2)":11443,
    "Combat mix (2)":11445,
    "Combat mix (1)":11447,
    "Restore mix (2)":11449,
    "Restore mix (1)":11451,
    "Energy mix (2)":11453,
    "Energy mix (1)":11455,
    "Defence mix (2)":11457,
    "Defence mix (1)":11459,
    "Agility mix (2)":11461,
    "Agility mix (1)":11463,
    "Prayer mix (2)":11465,
    "Prayer mix (1)":11467,
    "Super attack mix (2)":11469,
    "Super attack mix (1)":11471,
    "Anti-p supermix (2)":11473,
    "Anti-p supermix (1)":11475,
    "Fishing mix (2)":11477,
    "Fishing mix (1)":11479,
    "Super energy mix (2)":11481,
    "Super energy mix (1)":11483,
    "Super strength mix (2)":11485,
    "Super strength mix (1)":11487,
    "Magic essence mix (2)":11489,
    "Magic essence mix (1)":11491,
    "Super restore mix (2)":11493,
    "Super restore mix (1)":11495,
    "Super defence mix (2)":11497,
    "Super defence mix (1)":11499,
    "Antidote+ mix (2)":11501,
    "Antidote+ mix (1)":11503,
    "Antifire mix (2)":11505,
    "Antifire mix (1)":11507,
    "Super ranging mix (2)":11509,
    "Super ranging mix (1)":11511,
    "Super magic mix (2)":11513,
    "Super magic mix (1)":11515,
    "Hunting mix (2)":11517,
    "Hunting mix (1)":11519,
    "Zamorak mix (2)":11521,
    "Zamorak mix (1)":11523,
    "Wimpy feather":11525,
    "Glassblowing book":11656,
    "Godsword shards (1 and 2)":11686,
    "Godsword shards (1 and 3)":11688,
    "Godsword blade":11690,
    "Godsword shards (2 and 3)":11692,
    "Armadyl godsword":11694,
    "Bandos godsword":11696,
    "Saradomin godsword":11698,
    "Zamorak godsword":11700,
    "Armadyl hilt":11702,
    "Bandos hilt":11704,
    "Saradomin hilt":11706,
    "Zamorak hilt":11708,
    "Godsword shard 1":11710,
    "Godsword shard 2":11712,
    "Godsword shard 3":11714,
    "Zamorakian spear":11716,
    "Armadyl helmet":11718,
    "Armadyl chestplate":11720,
    "Armadyl chainskirt":11722,
    "Bandos chestplate":11724,
    "Bandos tassets":11726,
    "Bandos boots":11728,
    "Saradomin sword":11730,
    "Dragon boots":11732,
    "Steam battlestaff":11736,
    "Mystic steam staff":11738,
    "Bronze armour set (lg)":11814,
    "Bronze armour set (sk)":11816,
    "Iron armour set (lg)":11818,
    "Iron armour set (sk)":11820,
    "Steel armour set (lg)":11822,
    "Steel armour set (sk)":11824,
    "Black armour set (lg)":11826,
    "Black armour set (sk)":11828,
    "Mithril armour set (lg)":11830,
    "Mithril armour set (sk)":11832,
    "Adamant armour set (lg)":11834,
    "Adamant armour set (sk)":11836,
    "Rune armour set (lg)":11838,
    "Rune armour set (sk)":11840,
    "Dragon chain armour set (lg)":11842,
    "Dragon chain armour set (sk)":11844,
    "Barrows - ahrim's set":11846,
    "Barrows - dharok's set":11848,
    "Barrows - guthan's set":11850,
    "Barrows - karil's set":11852,
    "Barrows - torag's set":11854,
    "Barrows - verac's set":11856,
    "Green dragonhide set":11864,
    "Blue dragonhide set":11866,
    "Red dragonhide set":11868,
    "Black dragonhide set":11870,
    "Mystic robes set":11872,
    "Infinity robes set":11874,
    "Splitbark armour set":11876,
    "Rock-shell armour set":11942,
    "Spined armour set":11944,
    "Skeletal armour set":11946,
    "Light mystic robes set":11960,
    "Dark mystic robes set":11962,
    "Dwarf cannon set":11967,
    "Spirit terrorbird pouch":12007,
    "Granite crab pouch":12009,
    "Praying mantis pouch":12011,
    "Giant ent pouch":12013,
    "Spirit cobra pouch":12015,
    "Spirit dagannoth pouch":12017,
    "Thorny snail pouch":12019,
    "Beaver pouch":12021,
    "Karam. overlord pouch":12023,
    "Hydra pouch":12025,
    "Spirit jelly pouch":12027,
    "Bunyip pouch":12029,
    "War tortoise pouch":12031,
    "Fruit bat pouch":12033,
    "Abyssal parasite pouch":12035,
    "Abyssal lurker pouch":12037,
    "Unicorn stallion pouch":12039,
    "Magpie pouch":12041,
    "Dreadfowl pouch":12043,
    "Stranger plant pouch":12045,
    "Spirit wolf pouch":12047,
    "Desert wyrm pouch":12049,
    "Evil turnip pouch":12051,
    "Vampyre bat pouch":12053,
    "Spirit scorpion pouch":12055,
    "Arctic bear pouch":12057,
    "Spirit spider pouch":12059,
    "Bloated leech pouch":12061,
    "Spirit kalphite pouch":12063,
    "Honey badger pouch":12065,
    "Albino rat pouch":12067,
    "Granite lobster pouch":12069,
    "Macaw pouch":12071,
    "Bronze minotaur pouch":12073,
    "Iron minotaur pouch":12075,
    "Steel minotaur pouch":12077,
    "Mithril minotaur pouch":12079,
    "Adamant minotaur pouch":12081,
    "Rune minotaur pouch":12083,
    "Smoke devil pouch":12085,
    "Bull ant pouch":12087,
    "Wolpertinger pouch":12089,
    "Compost mound pouch":12091,
    "Pack yak pouch":12093,
    "Sp. cockatrice pouch":12095,
    "Sp. guthatrice pouch":12097,
    "Sp. saratrice pouch":12099,
    "Sp. zamatrice pouch":12101,
    "Sp. pengatrice pouch":12103,
    "Sp. coraxatrice pouch":12105,
    "Sp. vulatrice pouch":12107,
    "Cockatrice egg":12109,
    "Guthatrice egg":12111,
    "Saratrice egg":12113,
    "Zamatrice egg":12115,
    "Pengatrice egg":12117,
    "Coraxatrice egg":12119,
    "Vulatrice egg":12121,
    "Barker toad pouch":12123,
    "Beetle bits":12127,
    "Ground fishing bait":12129,
    "Evil turnip":12134,
    "⅔ evil turnip":12136,
    "⅓ evil turnip":12138,
    "Summoning potion (4)":12140,
    "Summoning potion (3)":12142,
    "Summoning potion (2)":12144,
    "Summoning potion (1)":12146,
    "Evil turnip seed":12148,
    "Carved evil turnip":12153,
    "Clean spirit weed":12172,
    "Grimy spirit weed":12174,
    "Spirit weed seed":12176,
    "Spirit weed potion (unf)":12181,
    "Spirit shards":12183,
    "Lizard skull":12207,
    "Feather headdress (blue)":12210,
    "Feather headdress (yellow)":12213,
    "Feather headdress (red)":12216,
    "Feather headdress (stripy)":12219,
    "Feather headdress (orange)":12222,
    "Herbcall scroll":12422,
    "Fruitfall scroll":12423,
    "Fish rain scroll":12424,
    "Howl scroll":12425,
    "Thieving fingers scroll":12426,
    "Abyssal stealth scroll":12427,
    "Egg spawn scroll":12428,
    "Multichop scroll":12429,
    "Cheese feast scroll":12430,
    "Unburden scroll":12431,
    "Venom shot scroll":12432,
    "Insane ferocity scroll":12433,
    "Healing aura scroll":12434,
    "Winter storage scroll":12435,
    "Oph. incubation scroll":12436,
    "Magic focus scroll":12437,
    "Swallow whole scroll":12438,
    "Testudo scroll":12439,
    "Generate compost scroll":12440,
    "Tireless run scroll":12441,
    "Regrowth scroll":12442,
    "Call to arms scroll":12443,
    "Blood drain scroll":12444,
    "Dreadfowl strike scroll":12445,
    "Sandstorm scroll":12446,
    "Vampyre touch scroll":12447,
    "Evil flames scroll":12448,
    "Crushing claw scroll":12449,
    "Mantis strike scroll":12450,
    "Arctic blast scroll":12451,
    "Toad bark scroll":12452,
    "Dissolve scroll":12453,
    "Abyssal drain scroll":12454,
    "Doomsphere scroll":12455,
    "Spike shot scroll":12456,
    "Acorn missile scroll":12457,
    "Petrifying gaze scroll":12458,
    "Slime spray scroll":12459,
    "Electric lash scroll":12460,
    "Bronze bull rush scroll":12461,
    "Iron bull rush scroll":12462,
    "Steel bull rush scroll":12463,
    "Mith bull rush scroll":12464,
    "Addy bull rush scroll":12465,
    "Rune bull rush scroll":12466,
    "Poisonous blast scroll":12467,
    "Dust cloud scroll":12468,
    "Ibis pouch":12531,
    "Stony shell scroll":12533,
    "Raw pawya meat":12535,
    "Grenwall spikes":12539,
    "Ogre wig":12559,
    "Ogre kilt":12561,
    "Ogre top":12563,
    "Ogre boots":12565,
    "Diseased kebbit fur":12567,
    "Davy kebbit hat":12568,
    "Ogre club":12570,
    "Fever grass":12574,
    "Eucalyptus logs":12581,
    "Eucalyptus pyre logs":12583,
    "Amulet of farming (1)":12608,
    "Amulet of farming (8)":12622,
    "Swamp titan pouch":12776,
    "Spirit mosquito pouch":12778,
    "Void spinner pouch":12780,
    "Forge regent pouch":12782,
    "Spirit larupia pouch":12784,
    "Geyser titan pouch":12786,
    "Lava titan pouch":12788,
    "Steel titan pouch":12790,
    "Obsidian golem pouch":12792,
    "Talon beast pouch":12794,
    "Abyssal titan pouch":12796,
    "Void torcher pouch":12798,
    "Giant chinchompa pouch":12800,
    "Fire titan pouch":12802,
    "Moss titan pouch":12804,
    "Ice titan pouch":12806,
    "Spirit tz-kih pouch":12808,
    "Spirit graahk pouch":12810,
    "Spirit kyatt pouch":12812,
    "Void shifter pouch":12814,
    "Pyrelord pouch":12816,
    "Void ravager pouch":12818,
    "Ravenous locust pouch":12820,
    "Iron titan pouch":12822,
    "Titan's con. scroll":12824,
    "Steel of legends scroll":12825,
    "Volcanic str. scroll":12826,
    "Essence shipment scroll":12827,
    "Iron within scroll":12828,
    "Immense heat scroll":12829,
    "Famine scroll":12830,
    "Deadly claw scroll":12831,
    "Swamp plague scroll":12832,
    "Boil scroll":12833,
    "Explode scroll":12834,
    "Goad scroll":12835,
    "Ambush scroll":12836,
    "Ebon thunder scroll":12837,
    "Pester scroll":12838,
    "Fireball assault scroll":12839,
    "Rending scroll":12840,
    "Inferno scroll":12841,
    "Battle hood 0":12871,
    "Battle robe top 0":12878,
    "Battle robe bottom 0":12885,
    "Druidic mage hood 0":12892,
    "Druidic mage top 0":12899,
    "Druidic mage bottom 0":12906,
    "Adamant spikeshield 0":12913,
    "Adamant berserker shield 0":12920,
    "Rune spikeshield 0":12927,
    "Rune berserker shield 0":12934,
    "Green d'hide coif 0":12941,
    "Blue d'hide coif 0":12948,
    "Red d'hide coif 0":12955,
    "Black d'hide coif 0":12962,
    "Combat hood 0":12969,
    "Combat robe top 0":12976,
    "Combat robe bottom 0":12983,
    "Worn-out bronze gauntlets":12986,
    "Worn-out iron gauntlets":12989,
    "Worn-out steel gauntlets":12992,
    "Worn-out black gauntlets":12995,
    "Worn-out mithril gauntlets":12998,
    "Worn-out adamant gauntlets":13001,
    "Worn-out rune gauntlets":13004,
    "Worn-out dragon gauntlets":13007,
    "Black crossbow":13081,
    "Black bolts":13083,
    "Black cane":13095,
    "Adamant cane":13097,
    "Rune cane":13099,
    "Top hat":13101,
    "Pith helmet":13103,
    "Spiked helmet":13105,
    "Sheep mask":13107,
    "Penguin mask":13109,
    "Bat mask":13111,
    "Cat mask":13113,
    "Wolf mask":13115,
    "Broad arrowheads":13278,
    "Unfinished broad bolts":13279,
    "Broad-tipped bolts":13280,
    "Leaf-bladed sword":13290,
    "Pirate impling jar":13337,
    "Left eyepatch":13355,
    "Stripy pirate shirt (grey)":13358,
    "Stripy pirate shirt (purple)":13360,
    "Stripy pirate shirt (orange)":13362,
    "Pirate leggings (grey)":13364,
    "Pirate leggings (purple)":13366,
    "Pirate leggings (orange)":13368,
    "Bandana (grey)":13370,
    "Bandana (purple)":13372,
    "Bandana (orange)":13374,
    "Crayfish cage":13431,
    "Raw crayfish":13435,
    "Button mushroom":13563,
    "Spirit shield":13734,
    "Blessed spirit shield":13736,
    "Arcane spirit shield":13738,
    "Divine spirit shield":13740,
    "Elysian spirit shield":13742,
    "Spectral spirit shield":13744,
    "Arcane sigil":13746,
    "Divine sigil":13748,
    "Elysian sigil":13750,
    "Spectral sigil":13752,
    "Holy elixir":13754,
    "Zuriel's robe top":13858,
    "Zuriel's robe bottom":13861,
    "Zuriel's hood":13864,
    "Zuriel's staff":13867,
    "Morrigan's leather body":13870,
    "Morrigan's leather chaps":13873,
    "Morrigan's coif":13876,
    "Morrigan's javelin":13879,
    "Morrigan's throwing axe":13883,
    "Statius's platebody":13884,
    "Vesta's chainbody":13887,
    "Statius's platelegs":13890,
    "Vesta's plateskirt":13893,
    "Statius's full helm":13896,
    "Vesta's longsword":13899,
    "Statius's warhammer":13902,
    "Vesta's spear":13905,
    "Corrupt statius's platebody":13908,
    "Corrupt vesta's chainbody":13911,
    "Corrupt statius's platelegs":13914,
    "Corrupt vesta's plateskirt":13917,
    "Corrupt statius's full helm":13920,
    "Corrupt vesta's longsword":13923,
    "Corrupt statius's warhammer":13926,
    "Corrupt vesta's spear":13929,
    "Corrupt zuriel's robe top":13932,
    "Corrupt zuriel's robe bottom":13935,
    "Corrupt zuriel's hood":13938,
    "Corrupt zuriel's staff":13941,
    "Corrupt morrigan's leather body":13944,
    "Corrupt morrigan's leather chaps":13947,
    "Corrupt morrigan's coif":13950,
    "Corrupt morrigan's javelin":13953,
    "C. morrigan's throwing axe":13957,
    "Corrupt dragon chainbody":13958,
    "Corrupt dragon helm":13961,
    "Corrupt dragon sq shield":13964,
    "Corrupt dragon plateskirt":13967,
    "Corrupt dragon platelegs":13970,
    "Corrupt dragon battleaxe":13973,
    "Corrupt dragon dagger":13976,
    "Corrupt dragon scimitar":13979,
    "Corrupt dragon longsword":13982,
    "Corrupt dragon mace":13985,
    "Corrupt dragon spear":13988,
    "Ruined dragon armour lump":14472,
    "Ruined dragon armour slice":14474,
    "Ruined dragon armour shard":14476,
    "Dragon platebody":14479,
    "Dragon claw":14484,
    "Elite black platelegs":14490,
    "Elite black platebody":14492,
    "Elite black full helm":14494,
    "Dagon'hai robe top":14497,
    "Dagon'hai hat":14499,
    "Dagon'hai robe bottom":14501,
    "Dagon'hai robes set":14525,
    "Elite black armour set":14527,
    "Dragon plate armour set (lg)":14529,
    "Dragon plate armour set (sk)":14531,
    "Phoenix quill":14616,
    "Rise from the ashes scroll":14622,
    "Phoenix pouch":14623,
    "Granite mace":14679,
    "Ourg bones (General Graardor)":14793,
    "Grimy wergali":14836,
    "Crafting potion (4)":14838,
    "Crafting potion (3)":14840,
    "Crafting potion (2)":14842,
    "Crafting potion (1)":14844,
    "Fletching potion (4)":14846,
    "Fletching potion (3)":14848,
    "Fletching potion (2)":14850,
    "Fletching potion (1)":14852,
    "Clean wergali":14854,
    "Wergali potion (unf)":14856,
    "Empty seaweed net":14859,
    "Wergali seed":14870,
    "Ranger's aid":15119,
    "Ranger's aid (m)":15121,
    "Skewered kebab":15123,
    "Amulet of ranging":15126,
    "Hand cannon":15241,
    "Hand cannon shot":15243,
    "Dragon pickaxe":15259,
    "Living minerals":15263,
    "Raw cavefish":15264,
    "Raw rocktail":15270,
    "Staff of light":15486,
    "Focus sight":15490,
    "Royal shirt":15503,
    "Royal leggings":15505,
    "Royal sceptre":15507,
    "Royal crown":15509,
    "Royal amulet":15511,
    "Spirit impling jar":15513,
    "Zombie impling jar":15515,
    "Kingly impling jar":15517,
    "Body shield":18691,
    "Body helmet":18693,
    "Body body":18695,
    "Mind body":18697,
    "Elemental body":18699,
    "Frost dragon bones":18832,
    "Saradomin bow":19143,
    "Guthix bow":19146,
    "Zamorak bow":19149,
    "Saradomin arrows":19152,
    "Guthix arrows":19157,
    "Zamorak arrows":19162,
    "Black platebody (h1)":19167,
    "Black platelegs (h1)":19169,
    "Black plateskirt (h1)":19171,
    "Adamant platebody (h1)":19173,
    "Adamant platelegs (h1)":19175,
    "Adamant plateskirt (h1)":19177,
    "Rune platebody (h1)":19179,
    "Rune platelegs (h1)":19182,
    "Rune plateskirt (h1)":19185,
    "Black platebody (h2)":19188,
    "Black platelegs (h2)":19190,
    "Black plateskirt (h2)":19192,
    "Adamant platebody (h2)":19194,
    "Adamant platelegs (h2)":19196,
    "Adamant plateskirt (h2)":19198,
    "Rune platebody (h2)":19200,
    "Rune platelegs (h2)":19203,
    "Rune plateskirt (h2)":19206,
    "Black platebody (h3)":19209,
    "Black platelegs (h3)":19211,
    "Black plateskirt (h3)":19213,
    "Adamant platebody (h3)":19215,
    "Adamant platelegs (h3)":19217,
    "Adamant plateskirt (h3)":19219,
    "Rune platebody (h3)":19221,
    "Rune platelegs (h3)":19224,
    "Rune plateskirt (h3)":19227,
    "Black platebody (h4)":19230,
    "Black platelegs (h4)":19232,
    "Black plateskirt (h4)":19234,
    "Adamant platebody (h4)":19236,
    "Adamant platelegs (h4)":19238,
    "Adamant plateskirt (h4)":19240,
    "Rune platebody (h4)":19242,
    "Rune platelegs (h4)":19245,
    "Rune plateskirt (h4)":19248,
    "Black platebody (h5)":19251,
    "Black platelegs (h5)":19253,
    "Black plateskirt (h5)":19255,
    "Adamant platebody (h5)":19257,
    "Adamant platelegs (h5)":19259,
    "Adamant plateskirt (h5)":19261,
    "Rune platebody (h5)":19263,
    "Rune platelegs (h5)":19266,
    "Rune plateskirt (h5)":19269,
    "Fox mask":19272,
    "White unicorn mask":19275,
    "Black unicorn mask":19278,
    "Green dragon mask":19281,
    "Blue dragon mask":19284,
    "Red dragon mask":19287,
    "Black dragon mask":19290,
    "Frost dragon mask":19293,
    "Bronze dragon mask":19296,
    "Iron dragon mask":19299,
    "Steel dragon mask":19302,
    "Mithril dragon mask":19305,
    "Third-age druidic staff":19308,
    "Third-age druidic cloak":19311,
    "Third-age druidic wreath":19314,
    "Third-age druidic robe top":19317,
    "Third-age druidic robe":19320,
    "Dragon staff":19323,
    "Penguin staff":19325,
    "Bat staff":19327,
    "Wolf staff":19329,
    "Cat staff":19331,
    "Fury ornament kit":19333,
    "Dragon full helm ornament kit (or)":19346,
    "Dragon platelegs & skirt ornament kit (or)":19348,
    "Dragon platebody ornament kit (or)":19350,
    "Dragon sq shield ornament kit (or)":19352,
    "Dragon full helm ornament kit (sp)":19354,
    "Dragon platelegs & skirt ornament kit (sp)":19356,
    "Dragon platebody ornament kit (sp)":19358,
    "Dragon sq shield ornament kit (sp)":19360,
    "Armadyl crozier":19362,
    "Bandos crozier":19364,
    "Ancient crozier":19366,
    "Armadyl cloak":19368,
    "Bandos cloak":19370,
    "Ancient cloak":19372,
    "Armadyl mitre":19374,
    "Bandos mitre":19376,
    "Ancient mitre":19378,
    "Armadyl robe top":19380,
    "Ancient robe top":19382,
    "Bandos robe top":19384,
    "Armadyl robe legs":19386,
    "Bandos robe legs":19388,
    "Ancient robe legs":19390,
    "Armadyl stole":19392,
    "Bandos stole":19394,
    "Ancient stole":19396,
    "Ancient platebody":19398,
    "Ancient platelegs":19401,
    "Ancient plateskirt":19404,
    "Ancient full helm":19407,
    "Ancient kiteshield":19410,
    "Armadyl platebody":19413,
    "Armadyl platelegs":19416,
    "Armadyl plateskirt":19419,
    "Armadyl full helm":19422,
    "Armadyl kiteshield":19425,
    "Bandos platebody":19428,
    "Bandos platelegs":19431,
    "Bandos plateskirt":19434,
    "Bandos full helm":19437,
    "Bandos kiteshield":19440,
    "Ancient vambraces":19443,
    "Ancient body":19445,
    "Ancient chaps":19447,
    "Ancient coif":19449,
    "Bandos vambraces":19451,
    "Bandos body":19453,
    "Bandos chaps":19455,
    "Bandos coif":19457,
    "Armadyl vambraces":19459,
    "Armadyl body":19461,
    "Armadyl chaps":19463,
    "Armadyl coif":19465,
    "Pollnivneach Teleport":19475,
    "Bandit Camp Teleport":19476,
    "Miscellania Teleport":19477,
    "Phoenix Lair Teleport":19478,
    "Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport":19479,
    "Lumber Yard Teleport":19480,
    "Bandos page 1":19600,
    "Bandos page 2":19601,
    "Bandos page 3":19602,
    "Bandos page 4":19603,
    "Armadyl page 1":19604,
    "Armadyl page 2":19605,
    "Armadyl page 3":19606,
    "Armadyl page 4":19607,
    "Ancient page 1":19608,
    "Ancient page 2":19609,
    "Ancient page 3":19610,
    "Ancient page 4":19611,
    "Fetch casket scroll":19621,
    "Meerkats pouch":19622,
    "Red blossom seed":19922,
    "Blue blossom seed":19927,
    "Green blossom seed":19932,
    "Marasamaw plant":19965,
    "Juju teleport spiritbag":19967,
    "Juju vial of water":19994,
    "Juju vial":19996,
    "Clay ring (unfired)":20052,
    "Clay ring":20053,
    "Cyclopean helmet":20070,
    "Ancient ceremonial mask":20125,
    "Ancient ceremonial top":20127,
    "Ancient ceremonial legs":20129,
    "Ancient ceremonial gloves":20131,
    "Ancient ceremonial boots":20133,
    "Torva full helm":20135,
    "Torva platebody":20139,
    "Torva platelegs":20143,
    "Pernix cowl":20147,
    "Pernix body":20151,
    "Pernix chaps":20155,
    "Virtus mask":20159,
    "Virtus robe top":20163,
    "Virtus robe legs":20167,
    "Zaryte bow":20171,
    "Impious ashes":20264,
    "Accursed ashes":20266,
    "Infernal ashes":20268,
    "Cracked smelting urn (nr)":20272,
    "Fragile smelting urn (nr)":20278,
    "Smelting urn (nr)":20284,
    "Strong smelting urn (nr)":20290,
    "Cracked woodcutting urn (nr)":20296,
    "Fragile woodcutting urn (nr)":20302,
    "Woodcutting urn (nr)":20308,
    "Strong woodcutting urn (nr)":20314,
    "Cracked fishing urn (nr)":20320,
    "Fragile fishing urn (nr)":20326,
    "Fishing urn (nr)":20332,
    "Strong fishing urn (nr)":20338,
    "Decorated fishing urn (nr)":20344,
    "Cracked cooking urn (nr)":20350,
    "Fragile cooking urn (nr)":20356,
    "Cooking urn (nr)":20362,
    "Strong cooking urn (nr)":20368,
    "Decorated cooking urn (nr)":20374,
    "Cracked mining urn (nr)":20380,
    "Fragile mining urn (nr)":20386,
    "Mining urn (nr)":20392,
    "Strong mining urn (nr)":20398,
    "Decorated mining urn (nr)":20404,
    "Impious urn (nr)":20410,
    "Accursed urn (nr)":20416,
    "Infernal urn (nr)":20422,
    "Cosmic shield":20436,
    "Chaos shield":20438,
    "Cosmic helmet":20440,
    "Chaos helmet":20442,
    "Cosmic body":20444,
    "Chaos body":20446,
    "Elemental boots":20448,
    "Mind boots":20450,
    "Body boots":20452,
    "Cosmic boots":20454,
    "Chaos boots":20456,
    "Elemental gloves":20458,
    "Mind gloves":20460,
    "Body gloves":20462,
    "Cosmic gloves":20464,
    "Chaos gloves":20466,
    "Ring of wealth (4)":20659,
    "Jewelled golden statuette":20661,
    "Vecna skull":20667,
    "Brackish blade":20671,
    "Mutated vine":21358,
    "Whip vine":21369,
    "Morchella mushroom spore":21620,
    "Fellstalk seed":21621,
    "Morchella mushroom":21622,
    "Clean fellstalk":21624,
    "Grimy fellstalk":21626,
    "Fellstalk potion (unf)":21628,
    "Prayer renewal (4)":21630,
    "Prayer renewal (3)":21632,
    "Prayer renewal (2)":21634,
    "Prayer renewal (1)":21636,
    "Akrisae's hood":21736,
    "Akrisae's hood 0":21742,
    "Akrisae's war mace":21744,
    "Akrisae's war mace 0":21750,
    "Akrisae's robe top":21752,
    "Akrisae's robe top 0":21758,
    "Akrisae's robe skirt":21760,
    "Akrisae's robe skirt 0":21766,
    "Barrows - akrisae's set":21768,
    "Armadyl rune":21773,
    "Dust of Armadyl":21774,
    "Armadyl battlestaff":21777,
    "Steadfast boots":21787,
    "Glaiven boots":21790,
    "Ragefire boots":21793,
    "Gorajian mushroom":22446,
    "Polypore spore":22448,
    "Fungal flake":22449,
    "Grifolic flake":22450,
    "Ganodermic flake":22451,
    "Mycelium visor web":22452,
    "Mycelium leggings web":22454,
    "Mycelium poncho web":22456,
    "Fungal visor":22458,
    "Fungal leggings":22462,
    "Fungal poncho":22466,
    "Grifolic visor":22470,
    "Grifolic leggings":22474,
    "Grifolic poncho":22478,
    "Ganodermic visor":22482,
    "Ganodermic leggings":22486,
    "Ganodermic poncho":22490,
    "Polypore staff":22494,
    "Polypore stick":22498,
    "Bladestorm drape":23048,
    "Arrowstorm drape":23050,
    "Spellstorm drape":23052,
    "Raw wolf meat":23058,
    "Poorly-cooked bird meat":23060,
    "Poorly-cooked beast meat":23062,
    "Rabbit sandwich":23065,
    "Initiate tasset":23122,
    "Initiate harness f":23125,
    "Potion flask":23191,
    "Attack flask (6)":23195,
    "Strength flask (6)":23207,
    "Restore flask (6)":23219,
    "Defence flask (6)":23231,
    "Prayer flask (6)":23243,
    "Super attack flask (6)":23255,
    "Fishing flask (6)":23267,
    "Super strength flask (6)":23279,
    "Super defence flask (6)":23291,
    "Super ranging flask (6)":23303,
    "Antipoison flask (6)":23315,
    "Super antipoison flask (6)":23327,
    "Zamorak brew flask (6)":23339,
    "Saradomin brew flask (6)":23351,
    "Antifire flask (6)":23363,
    "Energy flask (6)":23375,
    "Super energy flask (6)":23387,
    "Super restore flask (6)":23399,
    "Agility flask (6)":23411,
    "Super magic flask (6)":23423,
    "Hunter flask (6)":23435,
    "Combat flask (6)":23447,
    "Crafting flask (6)":23459,
    "Fletching flask (6)":23471,
    "Relicym's balm flask (6)":23537,
    "Guthix balance flask (6)":23555,
    "Sanfew serum flask (6)":23567,
    "Antipoison+ flask (6)":23579,
    "Antipoison++ flask (6)":23591,
    "Prayer renewal flask (6)":23609,
    "Summoning flask (6)":23621,
    "Bakriminel bolts":24116,
    "Royal cape":24315,
    "Royal bolts":24336,
    "Royal bolt stabiliser":24340,
    "Royal frame":24342,
    "Royal sight":24344,
    "Royal torsion spring":24346,
    "Dragonbone upgrade kit":24352,
    "Dragon kiteshield":24365,
    "Royal dragonhide":24372,
    "Royal dragon leather":24374,
    "Royal d'hide vambraces":24376,
    "Royal d'hide chaps":24379,
    "Royal d'hide body":24382,
    "Royal dragonhide set":24386,
    "Royal d'hide coif 0":24393,
    "Fish mask":24431,
    "Hood of subjugation":24992,
    "Garb of subjugation":24995,
    "Gown of subjugation":24998,
    "Ward of subjugation":25001,
    "Boots of subjugation":25004,
    "Gloves of subjugation":25007,
    "Armadyl boots":25010,
    "Armadyl buckler":25013,
    "Armadyl gloves":25016,
    "Bandos warshield":25019,
    "Bandos helmet":25022,
    "Bandos gloves":25025,
    "Saradomin's whisper":25028,
    "Saradomin's hiss":25031,
    "Saradomin's murmur":25034,
    "Armadyl crossbow":25037,
    "Pernix gloves":25058,
    "Torva gloves":25060,
    "Virtus gloves":25062,
    "Torva boots":25064,
    "Virtus boots":25066,
    "Pernix boots":25068,
    "Dragon kite ornament kit (or)":25312,
    "Dragon kite ornament kit (sp)":25314,
    "Dragon rider boots":25316,
    "Dragon rider gloves":25318,
    "Dragon c'bow (u)":25478,
    "Dragon limbs":25481,
    "Magic stock":25483,
    "Weapon poison (4)":25485,
    "Weapon poison (3)":25487,
    "Weapon poison (2)":25489,
    "Weapon poison (1)":25491,
    "Weapon poison+ (4)":25493,
    "Weapon poison+ (3)":25495,
    "Weapon poison+ (2)":25497,
    "Weapon poison+ (1)":25499,
    "Weapon poison++ (4)":25501,
    "Weapon poison++ (3)":25503,
    "Weapon poison++ (2)":25505,
    "Weapon poison++ (1)":25507,
    "Weapon poison flask (6)":25509,
    "Weapon poison flask (5)":25511,
    "Weapon poison flask (4)":25513,
    "Weapon poison flask (3)":25515,
    "Weapon poison flask (2)":25517,
    "Weapon poison flask (1)":25519,
    "Weapon poison+ flask (6)":25521,
    "Weapon poison+ flask (5)":25523,
    "Weapon poison+ flask (4)":25525,
    "Weapon poison+ flask (3)":25527,
    "Weapon poison+ flask (2)":25529,
    "Weapon poison+ flask (1)":25531,
    "Weapon poison++ flask (6)":25533,
    "Weapon poison++ flask (5)":25535,
    "Weapon poison++ flask (4)":25537,
    "Weapon poison++ flask (3)":25539,
    "Weapon poison++ flask (2)":25541,
    "Weapon poison++ flask (1)":25543,
    "Spider silk":25547,
    "Royal spiky vambraces":25553,
    "Off-hand dragon claw":25555,
    "Dragonfire shield (magic)":25559,
    "Dragonfire shield (ranged)":25562,
    "Off-hand leaf-bladed sword":25564,
    "Grifolic wand":25638,
    "Splitbark wand":25640,
    "Imp horn wand":25642,
    "Mystic wand":25644,
    "Wizard wand":25646,
    "Bat wand":25648,
    "Spider wand":25650,
    "Ahrim's wand":25652,
    "Virtus wand":25654,
    "Wizard's book":25656,
    "Spider orb":25658,
    "Bat book":25660,
    "Imphide book":25662,
    "Virtus book":25664,
    "Grifolic orb":25666,
    "Mystic orb":25668,
    "Splitbark orb":25670,
    "Ahrim's book of magic":25672,
    "Off-hand bronze mace":25674,
    "Off-hand iron mace":25676,
    "Off-hand steel mace":25678,
    "Off-hand black mace":25680,
    "Off-hand mithril mace":25682,
    "Off-hand adamant mace":25684,
    "Off-hand rune mace":25686,
    "Off-hand dragon mace":25689,
    "Off-hand bronze dagger":25692,
    "Off-hand iron dagger":25694,
    "Off-hand steel dagger":25696,
    "Off-hand black dagger":25698,
    "Off-hand mithril dagger":25700,
    "Off-hand adamant dagger":25702,
    "Off-hand rune dagger":25704,
    "Off-hand dragon dagger":25707,
    "Off-hand bronze sword":25710,
    "Off-hand iron sword":25712,
    "Off-hand steel sword":25714,
    "Off-hand black sword":25716,
    "Off-hand mithril sword":25718,
    "Off-hand adamant sword":25720,
    "Off-hand rune sword":25722,
    "Off-hand bronze longsword":25725,
    "Off-hand iron longsword":25727,
    "Off-hand steel longsword":25729,
    "Off-hand black longsword":25731,
    "Off-hand mithril longsword":25733,
    "Off-hand adamant longsword":25735,
    "Off-hand rune longsword":25737,
    "Off-hand dragon longsword":25740,
    "Off-hand bronze scimitar":25743,
    "Off-hand iron scimitar":25745,
    "Off-hand steel scimitar":25747,
    "Off-hand black scimitar":25749,
    "Off-hand mithril scimitar":25751,
    "Off-hand adamant scimitar":25753,
    "Off-hand rune scimitar":25755,
    "Off-hand dragon scimitar":25758,
    "Off-hand bronze battleaxe":25761,
    "Off-hand iron battleaxe":25763,
    "Off-hand steel battleaxe":25765,
    "Off-hand black battleaxe":25767,
    "Off-hand mithril battleaxe":25769,
    "Off-hand adamant battleaxe":25771,
    "Off-hand rune battleaxe":25773,
    "Off-hand dragon battleaxe":25776,
    "Off-hand bronze warhammer":25779,
    "Off-hand iron warhammer":25781,
    "Off-hand steel warhammer":25783,
    "Off-hand black warhammer":25785,
    "Off-hand mithril warhammer":25787,
    "Off-hand adamant warhammer":25789,
    "Off-hand rune warhammer":25791,
    "Green d'hide shield":25794,
    "Blue d'hide shield":25796,
    "Red d'hide shield":25798,
    "Black d'hide shield":25800,
    "Batwing shield":25802,
    "Splitbark shield":25804,
    "Leather shield":25806,
    "Hard leather shield":25808,
    "Studded leather shield":25810,
    "Mystic shield":25812,
    "Grifolic shield":25814,
    "Hard leather boots":25821,
    "Studded leather boots":25823,
    "Batwing hood":25825,
    "Batwing torso":25827,
    "Batwing gloves":25829,
    "Batwing legs":25831,
    "Batwing boots":25833,
    "Spider silk hood":25835,
    "Spider silk robe top":25837,
    "Spider silk robe bottom":25839,
    "Spider silk boots":25841,
    "Spider silk gloves":25843,
    "Imphide hood":25845,
    "Imphide robe top":25847,
    "Imphide robe bottom":25849,
    "Imphide gloves":25851,
    "Imphide boots":25853,
    "Imphide shield":25855,
    "Carapace helm":25857,
    "Carapace torso":25859,
    "Carapace legs":25861,
    "Carapace boots":25863,
    "Carapace gloves":25865,
    "Wizard gloves":25873,
    "Hard leather gloves":25875,
    "Studded leather gloves":25877,
    "Grifolic gloves":25879,
    "Off-hand bronze crossbow":25881,
    "Off-hand iron crossbow":25883,
    "Off-hand steel crossbow":25885,
    "Off-hand mithril crossbow":25887,
    "Off-hand adamant crossbow":25889,
    "Off-hand rune crossbow":25891,
    "Off-hand dragon crossbow":25894,
    "Karil's off-hand pistol crossbow":25895,
    "Off-hand iron knife":25896,
    "Off-hand bronze knife":25897,
    "Off-hand steel knife":25898,
    "Off-hand mithril knife":25899,
    "Off-hand adamant knife":25900,
    "Off-hand rune knife":25901,
    "Off-hand black knife":25902,
    "Off-hand bronze throwing axe":25903,
    "Off-hand iron throwing axe":25904,
    "Off-hand steel throwing axe":25905,
    "Off-hand mithril throwing axe":25906,
    "Off-hand adamant throwing axe":25907,
    "Off-hand rune throwing axe":25908,
    "Off-hand bronze dart":25909,
    "Off-hand iron dart":25910,
    "Off-hand steel dart":25911,
    "Off-hand black dart":25912,
    "Off-hand mithril dart":25913,
    "Off-hand adamant dart":25914,
    "Off-hand rune dart":25915,
    "Off-hand dragon dart":25916,
    "Dragon crossbow":25917,
    "Karil's pistol crossbow":25918,
    "Bronze 2h crossbow":25919,
    "Iron 2h crossbow":25921,
    "Steel 2h crossbow":25923,
    "Mithril 2h crossbow":25925,
    "Adamant 2h crossbow":25927,
    "Rune 2h crossbow":25929,
    "Dragon 2h crossbow":25932,
    "Off-hand bronze claw":25933,
    "Off-hand iron claw":25935,
    "Off-hand steel claw":25937,
    "Off-hand black claw":25939,
    "Off-hand mithril claw":25941,
    "Off-hand adamant claw":25943,
    "Off-hand rune claw":25945,
    "Off-hand white claw":25948,
    "Ganodermic gloves":25978,
    "Ganodermic boots":25980,
    "Log-splitting scrimshaw":26283,
    "Rock-crushing scrimshaw":26286,
    "Tree-shaking scrimshaw":26289,
    "Gem-finding scrimshaw":26292,
    "Scrimshaw of vampyrism":26295,
    "Scrimshaw of attack":26298,
    "Scrimshaw of the elements":26301,
    "Scrimshaw of magic":26304,
    "Scrimshaw of cruelty":26307,
    "Scrimshaw of ranging":26310,
    "Rocktail soup":26313,
    "Tetsu helm":26325,
    "Tetsu body":26326,
    "Tetsu platelegs":26327,
    "Seasinger's hood":26337,
    "Seasinger's robe top":26338,
    "Seasinger's robe bottom":26339,
    "Death lotus hood":26346,
    "Death lotus chestplate":26347,
    "Death lotus chaps":26348,
    "Christmas tree hat":26493,
    "Chitin scraps":26578,
    "Drygore rapier":26579,
    "Off-hand drygore rapier":26583,
    "Drygore longsword":26587,
    "Off-hand drygore longsword":26591,
    "Drygore mace":26595,
    "Off-hand drygore mace":26599,
    "Demon slayer circlet":27157,
    "Demon slayer skirt":27159,
    "Demon slayer torso":27161,
    "Demon slayer boots":27163,
    "Demon slayer gloves":27165,
    "Demon slayer crossbow":27168,
    "Off-hand demon slayer crossbow":27170,
    "Square sandwich":6965,
    "Static gloves":27481,
    "Tracking gloves":27484,
    "Pneumatic gloves":27487,
    "Ranging mix (2)":27496,
    "Ranging mix (1)":27498,
    "Magic mix (2)":27500,
    "Magic mix (1)":27502,
    "Ranging potion (4)":27504,
    "Ranging potion (3)":27506,
    "Ranging potion (2)":27508,
    "Ranging potion (1)":27510,
    "Magic potion (4)":27512,
    "Magic potion (3)":27514,
    "Magic potion (2)":27516,
    "Magic potion (1)":27518,
    "Ranging flask (6)":27520,
    "Magic flask (6)":27532,
    "Wand of treachery":27641,
    "Super Saradomin brew (4)":28191,
    "Super Saradomin brew (3)":28193,
    "Super Saradomin brew (2)":28195,
    "Super Saradomin brew (1)":28197,
    "Super Zamorak brew (4)":28199,
    "Super Zamorak brew (3)":28201,
    "Super Zamorak brew (2)":28203,
    "Super Zamorak brew (1)":28205,
    "Super Guthix rest (4)":28207,
    "Super Guthix rest (3)":28209,
    "Super Guthix rest (2)":28211,
    "Super Guthix rest (1)":28213,
    "Super Zamorak brew flask (6)":28215,
    "Super Saradomin brew flask (6)":28227,
    "Super Guthix brew flask (6)":28239,
    "Wine of Guthix":28253,
    "Wine of Saradomin":28256,
    "Potato cactus seed":28258,
    "Prickly pear seed":28259,
    "Fly trap seed":28260,
    "Sunchoke seed":28261,
    "Snape grass seed":28262,
    "Reed seed":28263,
    "Grapevine seed":28264,
    "Butterfly flower seed":28265,
    "Barberry seed":28266,
    "Wishing well bush seed":28267,
    "Ascension shard":28436,
    "Ascension crossbow":28437,
    "Off-hand Ascension crossbow":28441,
    "Ascension Keystone Primus":28445,
    "Ascension Keystone Secundus":28447,
    "Ascension Keystone Tertius":28449,
    "Ascension Keystone Quartus":28451,
    "Ascension Keystone Quintus":28453,
    "Ascension Keystone Sextus":28455,
    "Ascension bolts":28465,
    "Dragonstone gauntlets":28537,
    "Dragonstone hauberk":28539,
    "Dragonstone helm":28541,
    "Dragonstone greaves":28543,
    "Dragonstone boots":28545,
    "Crown of Seasons":28597,
    "Tectonic mask":28608,
    "Tectonic robe top":28611,
    "Tectonic robe bottom":28614,
    "Seismic wand":28617,
    "Seismic singularity":28621,
    "Tectonic energy":28627,
    "Stone of binding":28628,
    "Bacon stack":28642,
    "Bacon pile":28644,
    "Bacon heap":28646,
    "Bacon mound":28648,
    "Pork pie":28656,
    "Mature pigswill":28661,
    "Pigswill (1)":28667,
    "Pigswill (2)":28669,
    "Pigswill (3)":28671,
    "Pigswill (4)":28673,
    "Pigswill (m1)":28675,
    "Pigswill (m2)":28677,
    "Pigswill (m3)":28679,
    "Pigswill (m4)":28681,
    "Portent of restoration I":29239,
    "Portent of restoration II":29241,
    "Portent of restoration III":29243,
    "Portent of restoration IV":29245,
    "Portent of restoration V":29247,
    "Portent of restoration VI":29249,
    "Portent of restoration VII":29251,
    "Portent of restoration VIII":29253,
    "Portent of restoration IX":29255,
    "Portent of restoration X":29257,
    "Sign of respite I":29269,
    "Sign of respite II":29271,
    "Sign of respite III":29273,
    "Sign of item protection":29287,
    "Sign of life":29290,
    "Pale energy":29313,
    "Flickering energy":29314,
    "Bright energy":29315,
    "Glowing energy":29316,
    "Sparkling energy":29317,
    "Gleaming energy":29318,
    "Vibrant energy":29319,
    "Lustrous energy":29320,
    "Brilliant energy":29321,
    "Radiant energy":29322,
    "Luminous energy":29323,
    "Incandescent energy":29324,
    "Guthix rest flask (6)":29448,
    "Guthix rest flask (5)":29450,
    "Guthix rest flask (4)":29452,
    "Guthix rest flask (3)":29454,
    "Guthix rest flask (2)":29456,
    "Guthix rest flask (1)":29458,
    "Dragon warhammer":29534,
    "Off-hand dragon warhammer":29537,
    "Dragon battlestaff":29540,
    "Dragon throwing axe":29543,
    "Off-hand dragon throwing axe":29544,
    "Elder logs":29556,
    "Elder shieldbow":29611,
    "Elder shortbow":29614,
    "Dark arrow":29617,
    "Lit dark fire arrows":29622,
    "Unlit dark fire arrows":29627,
    "Elder pyre logs":29635,
    "Dark arrowheads":29729,
    "Elder shieldbow (u)":29734,
    "Elder shortbow (u)":29736,
    "Sirenic mask":29854,
    "Sirenic hauberk":29857,
    "Sirenic chaps":29860,
    "Sirenic scale":29863,
    "Algarum thread":29864,
    "Barrows totem":30004,
    "Malevolent helm":30005,
    "Malevolent cuirass":30008,
    "Malevolent greaves":30011,
    "Malevolent kiteshield":30014,
    "Vengeful kiteshield":30018,
    "Merciless kiteshield":30022,
    "Malevolent energy":30027,
    "Reinforcing plate":30028,
    "Barrows amulet":30030,
    "Arcane sigil shard":30054,
    "Divine sigil shard":30055,
    "Elysian sigil shard":30056,
    "Spectral sigil shard":30057,
    "Static gloves shard":30058,
    "Tracking gloves shard":30059,
    "Pneumatic gloves shard":30060,
    "Dragon hatchet shard":30072,
    "Virtus wand shard":30073,
    "Virtus book shard":30074,
    "Seismic wand shard":30078,
    "Seismic singularity shard":30079,
    "Drygore rapier shard":30080,
    "Off-hand drygore rapier shard":30081,
    "Drygore longsword shard":30082,
    "Off-hand drygore longsword shard":30083,
    "Drygore mace shard":30084,
    "Off-hand drygore mace shard":30085,
    "Seers' ring shard":30086,
    "Archers' ring shard":30087,
    "Warrior ring shard":30088,
    "Berserker ring shard":30089,
    "Torva full helm shard":30090,
    "Torva platebody shard":30091,
    "Torva platelegs shard":30092,
    "Pernix cowl shard":30093,
    "Pernix body shard":30094,
    "Pernix chaps shard":30095,
    "Virtus mask shard":30096,
    "Virtus robe top shard":30097,
    "Virtus robe legs shard":30098,
    "Zaryte bow shard":30099,
    "Pernix gloves shard":30100,
    "Torva gloves shard":30101,
    "Virtus gloves shard":30102,
    "Torva boots shard":30103,
    "Virtus boots shard":30104,
    "Pernix boots shard":30105,
    "Armadyl hilt shard":30106,
    "Bandos hilt shard":30107,
    "Saradomin hilt shard":30108,
    "Zamorak hilt shard":30109,
    "Zamorakian spear shard":30110,
    "Hood of subjugation shard":30111,
    "Garb of subjugation shard":30112,
    "Gown of subjugation shard":30113,
    "Ward of subjugation shard":30114,
    "Armadyl helmet shard":30115,
    "Armadyl chestplate shard":30116,
    "Armadyl buckler shard":30117,
    "Armadyl chainskirt shard":30118,
    "Bandos helmet shard":30119,
    "Bandos chestplate shard":30120,
    "Bandos tassets shard":30121,
    "Saradomin sword shard":30122,
    "Saradomin's whisper shard":30123,
    "Saradomin's hiss shard":30124,
    "Saradomin's murmur shard":30125,
    "Armadyl crossbow shard":30126,
    "Dragon limbs shard":30127,
    "Airut bones":30209,
    "Razorback gauntlets":30213,
    "Black Santa hat":30412,
    "Reefwalker's cape":30568,
    "Leviathan ring":30576,
    "Numbing root":30778,
    "Clingy mole":30779,
    "Magic notepaper":30372,
    "Abyssal wand":30825,
    "Abyssal orb":30828,
    "Torva armour set":30901,
    "Virtus armour set":30903,
    "Pernix armour set":30905,
    "Silverhawk feathers":30915,
    "Dragon Rider helm":30930,
    "Dragon Rider body":30933,
    "Dragon Rider chaps":30936,
    "Dragon Rider cape":30939,
    "Dragon Rider kit":30943,
    "Celestial handwraps":31189,
    "Ascension grips":31203,
    "Elder energy":31312,
    "Portent of degradation I":31313,
    "Portent of degradation II":31315,
    "Portent of degradation III":31317,
    "Sign of death":31322,
    "Nightmare muspah pouch":31328,
    "Siphon self scroll":31332,
    "Divine impling jar":31335,
    "Dragon ward":31373,
    "Dragon knife":31375,
    "Off-hand dragon knife":31376,
    "Dragon hasta":31377,
    "Cloak of Seasons":31396,
    "Annihilate scroll":31401,
    "Blood nihil pouch":31410,
    "Shadow nihil pouch":31412,
    "Smoke nihil pouch":31414,
    "Ice nihil pouch":31416,
    "Cobalt skillchompa":31595,
    "Viridian skillchompa":31596,
    "Azure skillchompa":31597,
    "Crimson skillchompa":31598,
    "God wars teleport":31665,
    "Spider leg":31721,
    "Noxious scythe":31725,
    "Noxious staff":31729,
    "Noxious longbow":31733,
    "Araxyte arrow":31737,
    "Incomplete hydrix":31851,
    "Uncut hydrix":31853,
    "Hydrix ring":31857,
    "Hydrix necklace":31859,
    "Hydrix amulet (unstrung)":31861,
    "Hydrix amulet":31863,
    "Hydrix bracelet":31865,
    "Hydrix bolt tips":31867,
    "Ascendri bolts":31868,
    "Ring of death":31869,
    "Reaper necklace":31872,
    "Amulet of souls":31875,
    "Deathtouch bracelet":31878,
    "Ascendri bolts (e)":31881,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - wave 2":15465,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - wave 3":15466,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - wave 4":15467,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - wave 5":15468,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - wave 6":15469,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - wave 7":15470,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - wave 8":15471,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - wave 9":15472,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - wave 10":15473,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 2":31900,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 3":31901,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 4":31902,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 5":31903,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 6":31904,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 7":31905,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 8":31906,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 9":31907,
    "Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 10":31908,
    "Insignia recharge":31926,
    "Superior ancient mace":32090,
    "Vis wax":32092,
    "Elder seed":31437,
    "Crystal weapon seed":32206,
    "Crystal tool seed":32208,
    "Crystal staff":32210,
    "Crystal wand":32213,
    "Crystal orb":32216,
    "Crystal halberd":32219,
    "Crystal dagger":32222,
    "Off-hand crystal dagger":32225,
    "Crystal bow":32228,
    "Crystal chakram":32231,
    "Off-hand crystal chakram":32234,
    "Crystal ward":32237,
    "Crystal shield":32240,
    "Crystal deflector":32243,
    "Crystal impling jar":32272,
    "Ghostly essence":32341,
    "Basilisk boots":32368,
    "Turoth boots":32370,
    "Kurask boots":32372,
    "Portable forge":31041,
    "Portable range":31042,
    "Portable sawmill":31043,
    "Portable well":31044,
    "Erzille potion (unf)":19998,
    "Ugune potion (unf)":19999,
    "Argway potion (unf)":20000,
    "Shengo potion (unf)":20001,
    "Samaden potion (unf)":20002,
    "Juju mining potion (4)":20003,
    "Juju mining potion (3)":20004,
    "Juju mining potion (2)":20005,
    "Juju mining potion (1)":20006,
    "Juju cooking potion (4)":20007,
    "Juju cooking potion (3)":20008,
    "Juju cooking potion (2)":20009,
    "Juju cooking potion (1)":20010,
    "Juju farming potion (4)":20011,
    "Juju farming potion (3)":20012,
    "Juju farming potion (2)":20013,
    "Juju farming potion (1)":20014,
    "Juju woodcutting potion (4)":20015,
    "Juju woodcutting potion (3)":20016,
    "Juju woodcutting potion (2)":20017,
    "Juju woodcutting potion (1)":20018,
    "Juju fishing potion (4)":20019,
    "Juju fishing potion (3)":20020,
    "Juju fishing potion (2)":20021,
    "Juju fishing potion (1)":20022,
    "Juju hunter potion (4)":20023,
    "Juju hunter potion (3)":20024,
    "Juju hunter potion (2)":20025,
    "Juju hunter potion (1)":20026,
    "Scentless potion (4)":20027,
    "Scentless potion (3)":20028,
    "Scentless potion (2)":20029,
    "Scentless potion (1)":20030,
    "Saradomin's blessing (4)":20031,
    "Saradomin's blessing (3)":20032,
    "Saradomin's blessing (2)":20033,
    "Saradomin's blessing (1)":20034,
    "Guthix's gift (4)":20035,
    "Guthix's gift (3)":20036,
    "Guthix's gift (2)":20037,
    "Guthix's gift (1)":20038,
    "Zamorak's favour (4)":20039,
    "Zamorak's favour (3)":20040,
    "Zamorak's favour (2)":20041,
    "Zamorak's favour (1)":20042,
    "Juju mining flask (6)":23131,
    "Juju cooking flask (6)":23137,
    "Juju farming flask (6)":23143,
    "Juju woodcutting flask (6)":23149,
    "Juju fishing flask (6)":23155,
    "Juju hunter flask (6)":23161,
    "Scentless flask (6)":23167,
    "Saradomin's blessing flask (6)":23173,
    "Guthix's gift flask (6)":23179,
    "Zamorak's favour flask (6)":23185,
    "Crystal armour seed":32623,
    "Harmony moss seed":32665,
    "Blood necklace shard":32692,
    "Tortured soul":32707,
    "Perfect juju woodcutting potion (1)":32753,
    "Perfect juju woodcutting potion (2)":32755,
    "Perfect juju woodcutting potion (3)":32757,
    "Perfect juju woodcutting potion (4)":32759,
    "Perfect juju farming potion (1)":32761,
    "Perfect juju farming potion (2)":32763,
    "Perfect juju farming potion (3)":32765,
    "Perfect juju farming potion (4)":32767,
    "Perfect juju mining potion (1)":32769,
    "Perfect juju mining potion (2)":32771,
    "Perfect juju mining potion (3)":32773,
    "Perfect juju mining potion (4)":32775,
    "Perfect juju smithing potion (1)":32777,
    "Perfect juju smithing potion (2)":32779,
    "Perfect juju smithing potion (3)":32781,
    "Perfect juju smithing potion (4)":32783,
    "Perfect juju agility potion (1)":32785,
    "Perfect juju agility potion (2)":32787,
    "Perfect juju agility potion (3)":32789,
    "Perfect juju agility potion (4)":32791,
    "Perfect juju prayer potion (1)":32793,
    "Perfect juju prayer potion (2)":32795,
    "Perfect juju prayer potion (3)":32797,
    "Perfect juju prayer potion (4)":32799,
    "Perfect juju herblore potion (1)":32801,
    "Perfect juju herblore potion (2)":32803,
    "Perfect juju herblore potion (3)":32805,
    "Perfect juju herblore potion (4)":32807,
    "Perfect juju dungeoneering potion (1)":32809,
    "Perfect juju dungeoneering potion (2)":32811,
    "Perfect juju dungeoneering potion (3)":32813,
    "Perfect juju dungeoneering potion (4)":32815,
    "Leather case":32818,
    "Gem focus":32819,
    "Metal setting":32820,
    "Summoning focus":32821,
    "Light creature pouch":32829,
    "Enlightenment scroll":32832,
    "Crystal flask":32843,
    "Perfect juju woodcutting flask (6)":32859,
    "Perfect juju farming flask (6)":32871,
    "Perfect juju mining flask (6)":32883,
    "Perfect juju smithing flask (6)":32895,
    "Perfect juju agility flask (6)":32907,
    "Perfect juju prayer flask (6)":32919,
    "Perfect juju herblore flask (6)":32931,
    "Perfect juju dungeoneering flask (6)":32943,
    "Harmony moss":32947,
    "Grand strength potion (6)":32958,
    "Grand ranging potion (6)":32970,
    "Grand magic potion (6)":32982,
    "Grand attack potion (6)":32994,
    "Grand defence potion (6)":33006,
    "Super melee potion (6)":33018,
    "Super warmaster's potion (6)":33030,
    "Super prayer renewal potion (6)":33186,
    "Tortured ashes":33260,
    "Barrows dye":33294,
    "Shadow dye":33296,
    "Third-age dye":33298,
    "Off-hand black crossbow":33498,
    "Black 2h crossbow":33500,
    "Amulet of fury (t)":33502,
    "Puzzle-skipping ticket":33505,
    "Knot-skipping ticket":33506,
    "Costume-skipping ticket":33507,
    "Off-hand suitcase":33510,
    "Off-hand briefcase":33514,
    "Explosive barrel":33516,
    "Sack of effigies":33518,
    "Backstab cape":33520

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