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TyBot is TyA's bot account. It uses various things depending on whatever the task is. It's main task is updating pages in the Exchange: namespace on the RuneScape Wiki. To fullfil this task, it uses GEMWbot2, written by TyA. It used to use GEMWbot, which was written primarily by Σ, with a few minor modifications by Sactage and TyA.

GEMWbot Edit

Main article: GEMWbot

GEMWbot is written in Python, and detects when the Grand Exchange updates by checking in #rswiki for RuneScript to announce a Grand Exchange update, and then goes to work updating the pages.

Pywikipedia Edit

Main article: mw:Pywikipedia

TyBot also makes use of Pywikipedia. Pywikipedia is also written in python and comes complete with a set of scripts that make easy work on several simple tasks.

AWB Edit

Main article: wikipedia:WP:AWB

TyBot also makes use of AutoWikiBrowser, also known as AWB. Mostly things such as typo fixes and find and replace are performed in AWB.

Category adder Edit

Main article: Category adder

Category adder is the name of a script written by User:TyA. It allows for easy adding of categories to a large amount of pages that would've been otherwise annoying to get a list of pages of, such as Special:UncategorizedFiles.

Unusedfiles deleter Edit

Main article: /

Unusedfiles deleter deletes unused files.



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