from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import urllib2
def getVols():
    url = ''
    usock = urllib2.urlopen(url)
    data =
    tr = BeautifulSoup(data).find_all('tbody')[0].find_all('tr')
    itnames, itids = {}, {}
    for thistr in tr:
        td = thistr.find_all('td')
        a = td[0].find_all('a')[0]
        id = a['href'][a['href'].index('obj=')+4:]
        val = td[5].string.rstrip()
        if val[-1] == 'm':
            if val[-3:-1] == '.0':
                val = int(float(val[:-1]))
                val = float(val[:-1])
            val = int(float(val[:-1]) * 1000)
        itnames[a.string] = val
        itids[id] = val
    # itnames now contains all data in the format {"Cannonball":107.6,...}
    # itidsnow contains all data in the format {"2":107.6,...}
    return [itnames, itids]

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